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Frequently Asked Questions about HR Training

How do I register for classes?
Go to https://www.dallascounty.org/TrainingSchedule/. Follow the Online prompts to view the schedule and enroll. You can download detailed instructions for the automated enrollment system from the login screen.

Can I enroll in classes just by e-mailing Traininghr@dallascounty.org or juveniledept.training@dallascounty.org?
No. The only way to enroll is through the Online Training Enrollment System.

Can someone else enroll for me, or can my supervisor enroll me?
No. You need to set up your own training system account and enroll personally so the system can communicate with you directly about your class enrollments and automatically maintain a record of all the classes you complete.

An e-mail address is required to enroll. What if I don’t have an e-mail address?
Ask your supervisor to request an e-mail account for you so you can use it to enroll in training and receive messages directly from the training system about your classes.

What if I forget my Online Training system's password?
There’s a link on the online training system's login screen for that. Click on “I forgot my password,” follow directions, and the system will e-mail your password to you.

How can I cancel out of a class I am enrolled in?
From Reports at the top of the "Class Lookup" screen, select the appropriate report, either "Enrolled Classes," or "Stand-by Classes."  Check the box in front of the class you want to cancel. Then click on "Cancel" at the bottom of the screen. You’ll immediately see an online message acknowledging your cancellation, and you’ll also receive an e-mail message.

How does the Standby List work?
If you tried to register for one of our HR-Sponsored courses and received a reply that you are on the Standby list, that means that the course is full and you are “standing by” hoping for a seat.

If a registered student discovers that they cannot attend and de-registers themselves for the course, and you are next in line on the waitlist, then your name moves from Standby to the active Roster. The Training System will automatically generate an email to you confirming your enrollment.

The good news is, sometimes a student will de-register themselves a week or two before class starts, which gives you plenty of notice.

The bad news is, sometimes a student doesn’t make this decision until the night before or the morning of class, which makes it nearly impossible for you (who are on your way to work) to show up for class.

Another option you have, as a person who is already on the Standby List, is to take a risk and show up for class that day, hoping that you can fill the seat of a person who did not cancel in advance. It’s a risk, as sometimes everyone shows up and other times there are more stand-bys who show up, than we have seats available for…but most often it’s like the Three Bears’ porridge… “just right” …where the number of available seats exactly fits who shows up for class that day.

Hopefully, this information helps you understand how last minute cancellations—no matter how legitimate they are—typically still block someone else from filling your seat. So, when you are registered for a course, please make last minute cancellations a rarity, not the norm.

Do I need management approval to enroll in a class?
You should always consult with your supervisor about training enrollment. Some departments have a standard process for supervisory approval of classes, and some do not. Ask your supervisor what the process is for your work group.

How do I know which classes are included in the Management Development program?
A new Management program is in development and will be released soon.

Where are Human Resources classes held?
Human Resource sponsored classes are held at the Records Building, training room 634, unless otherwise noted.

Can the HR Training Room in the Records Building be reserved by other departments?
When not scheduled for HR training, the HR Training room can be reserved. Send an e-mail to HRTraining@dallascounty.org.

If I have additional questions, who can I contact?

…for Human Resources classes
Send an e-mail to traininghr@dallascounty.org, or contact Kelvin Alexander at (214) 653-7626.

…for Juvenile department classes
Send an e-mail to Juveniledept.training@dallascounty.org, or contact Chaka Hall at (214) 698-4242.

…for iRecruitment training
Contact Tess McCall at (214) 653-7633 or tmccall@dallascounty.org.

…for OSEM CPR classes
Send an e-mail to lkthompson@dallascounty.org.