Leadership Circle Third Year Award Dallas County Auditor’s Office
Other Departments – Audits

Renaissance Tower - 1201 Elm Street, Suite 2300, Dallas, Texas 75270
Phone: (214) 653-6472 • Hours of Operation: 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


The County Auditor in the course of continuous routine examination of Dallas County records has examined the records and reports of other departments in accordance with Local Government Code Subchapter A.  Our review included testing internal controls for cash, disbursements, revenue and other county assets.  The review is intended to support management in evaluating internal controls over financial issues and compliance with regulatory guidelines.  Reports issued or released on or after October 1, 2010 include:


Communications & Central Services Issued Department Head Report
FY16 Inventory - Facilities 10/21/2016 Dale Lilley PDF
FY15 Inventory - Facilities 10/29/2015 Dale Lilley PDF
FY14 Inventory - Facilities 11/07/2014 Dale Lilley PDF
FY13 Inventory - Facilities 10/25/2013 Dale Lilley PDF
FY12 Inventory - Facilities 10/23/2012 Dale Lilley PDF
FY11 Inventory - Facilities 10/17/2011 Dale Lilley PDF
FY10 Inventory - Facilities 11/11/2010 Chris Thompson PDF
FY16 Inventory - Public Service 09/30/2016 Steve Mize PDF
FY15 Inventory - Automotive Services Center 05/30/2016 Donna Billman PDF
FY14 Inventory - Automotive Services Center 04/09/2015 Chris Thompson PDF
FY13 Inventory - Automotive Services Center 03/24/2014 Chris Thompson PDF
FY12 Inventory - Automotive Services Center 03/04/2013 Chris Thompson PDF
FY11 Inventory - Automotive Services Center 01/20/2012 Chris Thompson PDF
FY10 Inventory - Automotive Services Center 10/22/2010 Chris Thompson PDF
FY12 Fuel Card Audit 03/12/2013 Chris Thompson PDF
FY16 Inventory - Supply 10/10/2016 Donna Billman PDF
FY15 Inventory - Supply 10/2/2015 Chris Thompson PDF
FY14 Inventory - Supply 10/13/2014 Chris Thompson PDF
FY13 Inventory - Supply 09/25/2013 Chris Thompson PDF
FY12 Inventory - Supply 10/05/2012 Chris Thompson PDF
FY11 Inventory - Supply 11/10/2011 Chris Thompson PDF
FY10 Inventory - Supply 10/22/2010 Chris Thompson PDF
Domestic Relations Office   Department Head Report
APR09-FY12 DRO 05/21/2015 Angela Igrisan PDF
Elections   Department Head Report
FY08-FY12 Review Escrow FY10-FY12 02/14/2014 Toni Pippins-Pool PDF
FY06-FY07 Review Escrow FY06-FY09 08/25/2010 Bruce Sherbert PDF
Health & Human Services   Department Head Report
FY16 Foreign Travel Inventory 10/17/2016 Zachary Thompson PDF
FY15 Foreign Travel Inventory 10/20/2015 Zachary Thompson PDF
FY14 Foreign Travel Inventory 10/08/2014 Zachary Thompson PDF
FY13 Foreign Travel Inventory 10/08/2013 Zachary Thompson PDF
FY12 Foreign Travel Inventory 10/18/2012 Zachary Thompson PDF
FY11 Foreign Travel Inventory 10/18/2011 Zachary Thompson PDF
FY10 Foreign Travel Inventory 10/11/2010 Zachary Thompson PDF
FY12-FY13 Welfare Review 02/20/2016 Zachary Thompson PDF
FY07-FY09 Non-Grant Review 05/06/2011 Zachary Thompson PDF
Institute of Forensic Sciences   Department Head Report
FY07-FY09  Review 09/30/2010 Dr. Jeffery Barnard, M. D. PDF
Law Library   Department Head Report
FY13-FY14 Review 11/10/2016 David Wilkinson PDF
Office of Information Technology   Department Head Report
FY12Oct-FY12Apr Inventory 12/04/2012 Stanley Victrum PDF
Purchasing   Department Head Report
FY13-MAR14  Review 09/28/2015 Daniel R. Garza PDF
FY10-FY11  Review 06/26/2012 Shannon Brown PDF