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Civil Electronic Filing and Service

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The Dallas County Clerk’s Office has been accepting documents by e-filing for several years, but it was not required. Effective January 1, 2014, it will be mandatory for attorneys to e-file on all Civil, Probate and Mental Health cases pursuant to Supreme Court Order 13-9092.

Dates of Interest:
Permissive Go Live Date 11/13/2013
1/1/2014 Mandated E-filing for Dallas County begins

Important Information about E-filing with Dallas County Clerk Civil Division

  1. Proposed orders and requests for issuance of citations, writs or notice’s must be a single filing with the cover letter as the lead document.
  2. All documents must have social security numbers, tax payer-identification number, bank account information and other financial accounts, credit cards, driver’s licenses, passports or medical information especially pertaining to a minor must be redacted by the filer.
  3. All documents must be properly electronically signed and must include (1) A “/s/” and name typed in space where signature would otherwise appear or (2) an electronic image or scanned image of signature or a handwritten signature.
  4. Documents must be in text-searchable PDF format on 8.5 x 11 page with content appropriately rotated.
  5. Scanned documents must be text searchable and text resolution of 300 dots per inch for black and white documents. Documents with color images must have a minimum resolution of 600 dots per inch.
  6. Documents with multiple attachments for a single filing must be combined into a single PDF with bookmarks separating content. This includes exhibits and appendices.
  7. Documents must include the filer’s contact information including an email address in signature block.
  8. Documents may not contain any security or feature restrictions.
  9. All information must be in all capital letters.
  10. All parties to the case should be added with complete address information.
  11. Documents may not contain multiple pleadings in the same document.

Rejection Reasons:

  1. No fee included
  2. Not Legible
  3. Not for Dallas County Civil Division

For additional reasons your filing may be rejected please click here.

Helpful Requirements for eFiling:

Click here for helpful requirements for eFiling.

FAQ’S Regarding eFiling:

  1. Are you required to e-file? Yes, the Texas Supreme Court mandate is effective as of January 1st, 2014.
  2. Who is required to file court documents electronically? All lawyers who practice in the county courts at law, county probate courts, civil district and family courts.
  3. Who do I use to e-file? You will use an Electronic Filing Service Provider (EFSP). Click the link to locate an approved EFSP:
  4. When can I use an Electronic Filing Service Provider? is 24 hours a day. Make sure to check with the other Electronic Filing Service Providers to ensure they are as well.
  5. What is the Maximum Size that can be submitted for an e-filing? is 35MB, be sure to check with the other Electronic Filing Service Providers on their filing limitations.
  6. What date and time are applied to my e-filing? When it is submitted or when it is accepted? The date and time applied to your filing would be the submission date and time.
  7. Will I be notified when my e-filing is accepted? Yes, by the e-mail you provided to the Electronic Filing Service Provider
  8. Is the Civil Case Information Sheet required at the time of e-filing? Yes, the civil case information sheet and requires can be viewed on Texas Courts Online.
  9. What if there is not a “filing code” listed for my document, what do I need to do? Select the closest filing type that is relevant to your document.
  10. I am Pro-Se can I e-file? Yes, you can register with an Electronic Filing Service Providers.
  11. Is there a Wavier option to e-file with? Yes, has a wavier option available for use; make sure you check with your Electronic Filing Service Provider if they have that option.

E-file Support:
Technical Support: Tyler Technologies. 800-297-5377 or