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Gene Roberts

GENE ROBERTS dedicates his professional life to helping people productively resolve conflicts.

His company, NORTH TEXAS NEGOTIATIONS, is dedicated to promoting fair and expedient conflict resolution services, including mediation, training, coaching, and Christian conflict conciliation.

The Association of Attorney Mediators identifies Gene as a “New Master of Mediation.” Gene is the Chair of the Dallas Bar Association’s ADR Section (2012) after serving as its Secretary for three years. Gene served the Dallas Chapter of the Association for Conflict Resolution as a member of its Board of Directors, President-elect and President. He is a member of the board of directors for the Texas Association of Mediators and co-chair of the 2013 conference in Dallas.

Gene serves his church as an Elder, Sunday School teacher, and chair of the Strategic Planning Committee.  He served on mission teams throughout Texas, Louisiana, and in the Agalta Valley of central Honduras. Gene is married with one son.