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Judge Sandra Ellis

Judge Ellis hears close to 5,000 eviction cases each year.  Approximately another 1,000 cases are filed in both Justice Court and Small Claims.  Judge Ellis also hears cases involving post judgments, garnishments, contempt, illegal tow, property seizures, and administrative hearings for suspended drivers licenses and handgun license, mental illness warrants, peace bonds, emergency protective orders, search warrants, and arraignments.  Each year thousands of traffic cases are filed along with other class C offenses such as truancy, bad checks, Park and Wildlife violations and violations of the Alcoholic and Beverage Code.  Over a 100 cases a year are set for jury trial.   Judge Ellis’ duties also include the administration of the Court and its’ budget as well as management of the employees of the Court.

Judge Sandra Ellis has served as Justice of the Peace being elected in 2002 and re-elected in 2006.  Prior to her judicial service, she had over 30 years of experience within the justice system including the Juvenile Dept., the Dallas District Attorney’s Office, Coordinator for a District Judge, Administrator for all Dallas Criminal District Judges, and 10 years managing a successful private law firm.  Further, Judge Ellis was an instructor at a local University.

Judge Ellis has earned her excellent reputation by providing timely hearings, properly determining facts, and correctly applying the law.  She and her highly regarded staff treat each individual having Court business with professionalism and courtesy.

Judge Ellis has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Texas at Arlington and a Masters degree from Abilene Christian.  She is also a trained mediator as well as holding a license in Real Estate since 2000.

As a lifelong resident of the Dallas community, Judge Ellis has been involved in many community and philanthropic organizations over the years.  She is also an active Rotarian.

Judge Ellis and her husband, Tom, have 3 daughters and 3 grandchildren.

Judge Ellis’ goal is to balance a speedy hearing consistent with justice while maintaining the respect and dignity of every individual appearing before the Court.