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How do I file for divorce?

You can file a Petition for Divorce yourself and act as your own attorney. However, we do not provide any forms.  You can find a great deal of helpful information on our Legal Assistance page, including downloadable forms. We are not attorneys. Therefore, any instruction we give could be considered practicing law without a license.

Where can I get a copy of my Divorce Decree?

Click here to access a request form.

How much is the fee to file a pleading?

You may obtain fee information by clicking on the Civil/Family Fees link on this web site.

What forms of payment is accepted at the File Desk?

Cash, check or money order.

How long does it take to get a divorce?

The time frames for completion of a divorce vary by case. The shortest time frame is 61 days.

How do I get service documents issued in a case and how many copies do they need?

The request and payment is made at the File Desk.  The fees can be located on the associated fee schedule. Click below to link to a fee schedule:

Service Fee Schedule | Process Issuance Fee Schedule

Generally, one file marked copy of the document is needed not including the original.  In Family cases when an order is served, two copies are needed for each service document.  Note: the party being served must be listed in the pleading.

Where do I file Civil or Family pleadings?

All pleadings to be filed in the District Courts can be filed at the File Desk on the 1st floor of the George L. Allen Courts Building. Pleadings that do not require a fee can be filed directly in the Court.

Can we file County Court at Law pleadings in the District Clerk's Office?

No. They are two totally different offices.

How do I file an Appeal?

If you are representing yourself, you must research that information in the Law Library or consult an attorney.

What is a paternity case?

It is a court case to determine who the father of a child is.

I overpaid court cost. How may I obtain a refund?

Once a case is final, please send a written refund request to the District Clerk's Office. Requests should be made to:

Felicia Pitre, District Clerk
Attention: Accounting
600 Commerce Street
Dallas, Texas 75202

How can I have child support payments taken out of may paycheck?

A copy of the Order of Withholding, $15.00, and a letter containing the name and address of the employer’s payroll division along with the requestor’s name, address and phone number should be sent to the File Desk.  The Process Department will then forward a certified copy of the Order of Withholding to the employer by certified mail.