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Quality Assurance

George Allen Sr., Courts Building - 600 Commerce Street, 9th Floor, Dallas, Texas 75202
Phone: (214) 653-6776 • Fax: (214) 653-6822

Customer Service Staff Members

Quality Assurance team was formed by court order to assist with issues in the jails maintenance practices that caused State Inspections to fail for 6 consecutive years. Aligning ourselves with our Strategic Plan Goal 5: Ensure High Performing Operations, our team of talented (5) tradesmen consists of Welder-1, Electronic-1, Plumber-1 and Mechanical Inspectors-2 and Supervisor (1) inspects the Jails for all maintenance deficiencies. Deficiencies are reported to the divisions Supervisors making their technicians and supervisors assigned to that area aware. In addition, we inspect and assist with maintenance issues in all other outlining County facilities repeating the same process. This training is a "Lean Training" concept.

Since the creation of the Q.A. team, Dallas County has had zero State Inspection failures.