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Lead Program

DCHHS' Communicable Disease Control division coordinates a lead program that involves intervention in children up to 14 years of age with elevated blood lead levels greater than 10 ug/dl and in persons 15 years of age or older with elevated blood lead levels greater than 25 ug/dl.

For children with blood lead levels at 15 ug/dl or greater and who live in Dallas County and not in the city of Dallas, home visits are conducted to evaluate the cause of the elevated blood lead levels. The Texas Department of State Health Services provides this service to residents who live in the city of Dallas.

During a home visit, families are given nutrition and lead education. The home is also evaluated for objects that may contain lead. Referrals are made, if necessary.

To report lead testing results call 214-819-2004 or the Texas Department of State Health Services at 1-888-963-7111, ext. 2010.

Visit http://www.cdc.gov/lead/ or http://www.dshs.state.tx.us/lead/ for more information.

For general questions or for more information about Dallas County Health and Human Services,
please email Director Zachary Thompson at zthompson@dallascounty.org.

Zachary S. Thompson
Christopher Perkins, D.O., M.P.H.
Medical Director / Health Authority

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