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National Preparedness Month Week 2

Bringing Preparedness to Your Neighborhood


National Preparedness Month 2015 Week 2


In an emergency, you may need your neighbors, and they might need you. Often the first people on scene after a disaster are not first responders (EMS, police, firefighter, etc.), but rather the people who are closest to where the emergency took place. When a disaster occurs in your community, you will most likely have to rely on those around you, especially if the scale of the disaster makes it hard for first responders to get to the scene. As part of National Preparedness Month, DCHHS wants you to reach out to your neighbors and friends and develop plans to keep everyone safe.

Already have a plan? Throughout September, sit down with your family, friends and neighbors in your place of worship, community center or your business, and put your emergency plan to the test.


National Preparedness Month Week 2


Consider hosting a neighborhood preparedness event to encourage individuals in your community to meet their neighbors and develop emergency preparedness plans with those who live around them, taking into account individuals' unique needs. It’s especially important to identify neighbors who may need help during an emergency like those with physical disabilities or need special medical supplies or equipment. Help us use National Preparedness Month as a way to build preparedness on a neighborhood and community level.

If you have a neighborhood meeting or event planned this month, please consider inviting us to come speak on emergency preparedness! We will provide participants with emergency documents bags and information on how to be prepared for disasters.

Visit www.dallascounty.org/traintosurvive for more information.

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Ganesh Shivaramaiyer
Interim Director
Christopher Perkins, D.O., M.P.H.
Medical Director / Health Authority

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