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The Dallas County Juvenile Department believes that data driven decision making improves outcomes for justice involved youth. A skilled research team monitors, analyzes, and reports information regarding juvenile referrals and activity in Dallas County.

Data about juvenile delinquency in Dallas County is reported monthly to the Dallas County Juvenile Board in the Director’s Report. The Director’s Report is found in the juvenile board agenda each month. Data in the Director’s Report includes:

  • Formal referrals for the calendar year
  • Racial/ethnic and gender breakdown of formal referrals in the calendar year
  • Average daily populations in Dallas County Juvenile Department operated facilities and in residential contract placements
  • Average length of stay in Dallas County Juvenile Department operated facilities.

Additionally, the Dallas County Juvenile Department posts information annually regarding:

  • Formal juvenile referrals for previous calendar years
    This data captures delinquent conduct that causes a youth to be referred to the Dallas County Juvenile Department.

    Click here to download the report: Referrals for Calendar Years 2002 to 2012
    Click here to download the report: Referrals for Calendar Years 2013 & 2014
  • Certified youth in Dallas County for the previous 10 calendar years
    This data reflects the juveniles that were certified to stand trial as adults for the year. In order to be certified as an adult, a child must have been accused of a Felony 1 offense at age 14 or above or accused of a Felony 2 offense at age 15 or above.

    Click here to download the report.
  • Dallas County youth commitments to Texas Juvenile Justice Department
    The Texas Juvenile Justice Department (TJJD) is the state juvenile correction agency. Juveniles that are committed to TJJD by court may have committed serious felony offenses that warrant removal from home and require specialized treatment, or have a chronic delinquent referral history and have been adjudicated for a felony offense that have exhausted resources available at the county’s juvenile department. In 2007, the number of new commitments to TJJD was reduced by limiting the commitments to only juveniles adjudicated for felony offenses after reform measures were placed.

    Click here to download the report.
  • Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003 data regarding sexual abuse allegations and the outcomes.
    The Dallas County Juvenile Department collects accurate, uniform data for every allegation of sexual abuse at its operated facilities using a standardized instrument and set of definitions and aggregates the data at least once per year. The department maintains, reviews, and collects data as needed from all available incident-based documents, including reports, investigation files, and sexual abuse incident reviews.

    The incident-based data collection instrument is developed to include the data necessary to answer all questions from the most recent version of the Survey of Sexual Violence conducted by the Department of Justice.

    The department also obtains incident-based and aggregated data from each facility operating under contract with the department. This data, with all personal identifiers removed, is made readily available to the public at least annually.

    Dallas County Juvenile Department Institution’s Summary of Sexual Allegation 2013

Researchers needing additional information other than what is listed above may submit a request to the Research Review Committee.