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The Dallas County Emergency Management’s  inaugural class for First AID/CPR/AED Course will kick-off on Monday, March 29, 2010 @ 8:00a.m. This course and all subsequent courses will be held in the George Allen Courts Building, 600 Commerce Street, Dallas, Texas 75202, on the Second floor, Training Room A. During this course all candidates will be exposed to the current procedures used by the American Heart Association in the Chain of Survival as well as necessary actions that may help save a life.

The learning objectives are as follows:

  • General Principles for Medical Emergencies
  • Injury Emergencies
  • Seizures, First AID/CPR/AED

This training covers Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) for Adults, Infants and Children and Automated External Defibrillator (AED) training for schools and community.

To enroll in this course or for any upcoming course pertaining to Dallas County Emergency Management’s First Aid/CPR/AED please go to the Security & Emergency Management website, click on the links for enrollment that will take you to the Dallas County Human Resources Website. Look for HeartSaver CPR/AED Course, click on the course for enrollment, follow all directions and complete the information fields. Upon completion you will receive confirmation for your successful enrollment to CPR/AED course date that you have selected.  However, if the course is already full you must select another alternative date that meets with your schedule of the available dates.  Please ensure that you have read the cancellation policy regarding class participation prior to enrollment which is on the OSEM web page under CPR Cancellation policy that differs dramatically from Human Resources Cancellation Policy. All Dallas County prospective candidates can pick up the student handbook materials and accompanying CD-ROM at our Office on the 3rd Floor of the Records Building, Suite 305. These materials must be returned in satisfactory condition at the completion of the class otherwise you must pay full purchase price to Dallas County.

Seating will be limited to the appropriate Instructor/student ratio to be effective. Therefore, it is important to sign up early and commit to the schedule unless an unexpected emergency arises. All candidates who sign up but fail to attend will be charged for the materials (payable to Dallas County) this will be decided on a case by case basis and the final decision is made solely by the Instructor. Preferable attire should be comfortable, loose fitting, allowing maximum flexible movement on floor mats simulating life rescue intervention in the chain of survival sequences during practice sessions. Anyone with any leg, knee, joint, tendon, ligament or back injuries or any other ailment should consult with your physician first before attending. The American Heart Association does not discriminate against anyone who wants to acquire the prerequisite skill sets to perform First Aid/CPR because of any permanent disability. However you will be required to perform all required skills to successfully pass the course for certification during the testing phase. No exceptions.

Please notify the Instructor in advance of any disability so that accommodations can be set up for you prior to the start of class. Due to the volume of necessary information that must be covered your prompt attendance is requested. Failure to attend on time will result in you being required to attend another class. Class will start at 8:00am sharp. The American Heart Association is not involved in the setting of any course fees. All fees are the sole proprietary responsibility of the Instructor and the Training Center. Training will be conducted in the George L. Allen Sr. Court Building. 600 Commerce Street, Second Floor Training Room A, every Monday unless of cancellation. Please Note: Course Materials will be handed out only to prospective attendees for the next upcoming scheduled class on a weekly basis. All materials must be returned in satisfactory condition to the Instructor same day of class attendance including CD-ROM or you will be charged full purchase price of materials via Dallas County Auditor’s Office.

If you have any questions please contact Certified Instructor, Larry K. Thompson at 214-653-7980 or email