Lee F. Jackson Spring Creek

Forest Preserve

Garland, Texas                  69 acres

 Entrances:    East side of Holford Road, north of Spring Creek between       

                          Arapaho Road and Bush Tollroad (2090 Holford Road)

                          East and west side of Garland Avenue, north of Winters Park

Mapsco:         9, Sections "X" and "Y"

                         19, Section "C"

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map Preserve Features

This 69-acre Preserve provides some of the most beautiful views in North Texas.  Heavily-wooded, the area resembles New England in the fall, and Spring Creek, with its white chalk banks, travels through the property and forms its southern boundary. The Preserve is also the home for many types of wildflowers, including trout lilies.

The Preserve is immediately adjacent to another eight acres owned by the City of Garland and is located just east of the County's Spring Creek Park Preserve.



Preserve History

With trees estimated being 100-to-300-years-old, this is one of the oldest forests remaining in the Dallas area.

The Preserve was established by the County in 1988.  In 2002, the Preserve was renamed to honor the contributions of Lee F. Jackson who served as Dallas County Judge from 1987-2002.  During Mr. Jackson's tenure, the size of the County's open space system increased from about 700 acres to almost 3000 acres.


Preserve Amenities

The Preserve features both natural surface trails and a one-mile hard surface trail.  It also offers a picnic pavilion, restroom facilities, and scattered benches that have been installed by the City of Garland. Paved parking, which has also been constructed by the City, is available at both the Holford Road entrance and at Winters Park.

The Preservation Society for Spring Creek Forest helps support the Preserve and offers a large number of educational programs; a description of and a schedule for their many activities can be found at:

flowers picnic pavilion tree stump


The Preserve is maintained by the City of Garland.  To report maintenance issues, please call the Garland Parks and Recreation Department at (972) 205-3589.

Restricted Uses

Hunting and the use of alcohol, motorized vehicles, horses, fireworks or weapons are not permitted within the Preserve.