Cottonwood Creek Preserve

Wilmer, Texas                          220 acres                            

Entrance:   1200 Cottonwood Valley

Mapsco:      88, Section "D"


map Preserve Features

Cottonwood Creek winds through this Preserve which also features meadows and pecan trees that date back to 200 years or more.  A two-mile soft-surface trail along the creek is marked with interpretative signage to high-light points of interest.


Preserve History

The property's original owners grazed cattle, farmed, and grew pecan trees on the site.  Their decendants desired that this property remain as nearly as it was over 100 years ago, and it became a part of the County's open space system in 1989.  The Preserve is now the largest park in Wilmer.



picnic pavilionPreserve Amenities

Besides the natural-surface trail and its interpretative signage, the Preserve also offers its visitors paved parking and a picnic pavilion with tables and grills.


sign trees


Cottonwood Creek Preserve is maintained by the City of Wilmer.  To report any maintenance issues, please call the City of Wilmer at (972) 441-6373.

Restricted Uses

Hunting and the use of alcohol, motorized vehicles, fireworks, or weapons are not permitted within the Preserve.