Dallas County Clerk Makes Available to Public, a Landmark 16 Million Public Records Dating Back to 1846

Dallas County Clerk Makes Available to Public,
a Landmark 16 Million Public Records Dating Back to 1846

[Dallas, TX] – [Today the Dallas County Clerk’s office reached an historical milestone with the launch of our historical records. As of 8:00am today all of Dallas County’s official public records from 1846 to current have been made available to the public. Dallas County Clerk, John Warren’s initiative to create a virtual office has moved closer to becoming a reality with the launch of his newly revised website ROAM (Rapid Online Access Method) that now allows the public to access and purchase copies of property records without the need to come to the courthouse. The significance of this milestone is that by leveraging e-Commerce technology, there is now an ease to access of information without the need to drive, pay for parking or waiting in lines to pay for copies of property records. It also removes the restriction of the normal 8:00-4:30 business hours.]

Dallas County Clerk John Warren emphasized the importance of this historic moment for the County, “This project has been three years in the making. We have approximately sixteen (16) million documents or 125 million pages of records online. This makes Dallas County the only large urban county in the United States that has published all of its official public records.” Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins said, “This is a milestone in transparency and will lead to better public access and ultimately a savings for taxpayers.”

Individuals who wish to access public records may now go on line to set up a user account. The users have the option to view records for free, pay as you go, or through a subscription service for unlimited viewing and printing.

In addition, this new version of ROAM provides disaster recovery for all of our records as well as an additional level of security and protection against property fraud.

Contact Information:
John Warren
Dallas County Clerk

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