Dallas County Purchasing Department

2009 Bid Tabulations

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Bid Tabulations
Bid Number Description
2009-001-3945 Murphy Road MCIP Project 22802 -- NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE
2009-002-3953 Contract for the Complete Overhaul, Repair, Refurbishing, and Inspection of a 37' Winnebago Recreational Motor Home Vehicle -- CANCELLED
2009-003-3953 Annual Contract for Work Uniforms
2009-004-3957 Purchase of Battery Packs
2009-005-3958 Annual Contract for the Purchase of Personal Hygiene Products
2009-006-3959 Demolition and Reconstruction of Residential Property Located at 11431 Elam Circle, Balch Springs, TX
2009-007-3960 Demoliton and Reconstruction of Residential Property Located at 615 Stafford, Seagoville, TX
2009-008-3961 Purchase of Rethermalization Units
2009-009-3963 Annual Contract for the Purchase of Laboratory Supplies
2009-010-3974 Cottonwood Trail Segments C, D, D-Ext, and E - MCIP Project 10214
2009-011-3981 2009 Elevator Modernization
2009-012-3983 Lake Highlands Town Center Transit Connector Streets - MCIP Project No. 20213 - Paving, Bridge & Drainage Improvements - NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE
2009-013-3998 Annual Contract for the Purchase of Shrinkwrap and Woolite Packs
2009-014-3999 Annual Contract for the Purchase of Food Utensils and Related Supplies
2009-015-4000 Annual Contract for the Purchase of Business Cards and Related Supplies
2009-016-4001 Annual Contract for the Purchase of Oringinal Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Automotive Parts and Accessories for Passenger Vehicles and Light Duty Trucks
2009-017-4006 Demoliton and Reconstruction of Residential Property Located at 11505 Elam Circle, Balch Springs, TX 
2009-018-4018 Annual Contract for GPS Fleet Tracking System for County Vehicles
2009-019-4019 Annual Contract for the Purchase of Linen and Textile
2009-020-4033 Contract for the Conversion if a 15,000 Gallon Underground Diesel Fuel Storage Tank to an Unleaded Gas Fuel Storage Tank System With Stage 2 Tank Bintilation
2009-021-4048 Annual Contract for the Purchase of Ticket Paper
2009-022-4050 Annual Contract for the Purchase of Automotive an Heavy Duty Equipment Batteries
2009-023-4075 Purchase of 2009 Passenger Vehicles and Trucks
2009-024-4081 Houston School Road MCIP Project 31301 from Belt Line to W. Wheatland Road
2009-025-4109 Annual Contract for Commercial Carpet Cleaning and Related Services
2009-026-4110 Annual Contract for Pick-up and Disposal of Bio-Hazardous Medical Waste - CANCELLED
2009-027-4137 Purchase of Zenith Television Sets
2009-028-4138 Annual Contract for the Purchase of Heavy Duty Boxes with Lids
2009-029-4142 Annual Contract for the Purchase of HVAC Framed Filters
2009-030-4145 Annual Contract for the Purchase and Installation of Pre-Owned Modular Furniture
2009-031-4169 Demolition of Various County Facilities
2009-032-4176 Annual Contract for the Purchase of Safety Flares and Mace
2009-033-4182 Annual Contract for Medical and Industrial Gases
2009-034-4183 Contract for the Exterior Waterproofing and Restoration Services on the North Elevation of the Lew Sterrett North Tower Jail
2009-035-4201 Annual Contract for the Short and Long Term Lease of Undercover Vehicles for the North Texas Auto Theft Task Force
2009-036-4218 Pleasant Run/Mil Branch Lancaster Hike and Bike Trail -- NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE
2009-037-4219 Annual Contract for Printing & Mailing of Tax Statements
2009-038-4220 Annual Contract for Inspections and/or Service of Fire Alarm Systems and Related Equipment
2009-039-4226 Glenville Trail; MCIP Project No. 12109 - Construction of Trail, Grading, Culvert Extension and Low Water Crossing -- NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE
2009-040-4227 RFP for a Food Management Program for the Dallas County Jail System and Juvenile Residential Program -- CANCELLED
2009-041-4229 Purchase of Proteus Radiographic System
2009-042-4230 Demo/Reconstruct:  1415 Honor, DeSoto, TX 75115
2009-043-4231 Demo/Reconstruct:  1457 Hubert, DeSoto, TX  75115
2009-044-4241 Annual Contract for the Pick-Up and Disposal of Bio-Hazardous Medical Waste
2009-045-4243 Purchase of Parking Garage Luminaire Lighting Fixtures

Demo/Reconstruct:  809 Armstrong, Seagoville, TX

2009-047-4254 Demo/Reconstruct:  417 Baker, Seagoville, TX
2009-048-4255 Demo/Reconstruct:  1329 Honor, DeSoto, TX
2009-049-4256 Annual Contract for Rental of Vehicles
2009-050-4270 Contract to Install a Drive in Pallet Racking System
2009-051-4272 Annual Contract for the Purchase of Rubber and Self-Inking Stamps, Nameplates, Tags/Badges and Related Items
2009-052-4272 Annual Contract for Promotional Items
2009-053-4278 Annual Contract for Vehicle Glass Replacement and Repair Services
2009-054-4279 Demo/Reconstruct:  504 E. Wintergreen, DeSoto, TX
2009-055-4280 Annual Contract for Janitorial Services - Downtown Campus
2009-056-4286 Request for Proposals for HIV Health and Social Services Funded by 2009 Ryan White HIV/Aids Treatment Modernization Act - Ryan White Part A Grant -- N/A
2009-057-4287 Annual Contract for the Purchase of Flex Spoons and Trays
2009-058-4295 Request for Proposal for an Automated Traffic Citation Management System -- N/A
2009-059-4306 Annual Contract for Commercial and Industrial Solid Waste/Refuse Collection and Disposal Services
2009-060-4308 RFP for a Special Education Consultation Services Contract -- N/A
2009-061-4311 Annual Contract for the Purchase of Paint Related Products
2009-062-4317 Annual Contract for the Purchase and Printing of Envelopes, Stationery and Forms - CANCELLED

Annual Contract for Photographic Supplies

2009-064-4327 Annual Contract for Automobile and General Liability Insurance for the Dallas County Sheriff Courtesy Patrol
2009-065-4336 Annual Contract for Syringes
2009-066-4342 RFQ for Financial and Compliance Testing for the Dallas County Auditors Office -- N/A
2009-067-4343 RFP for Purchase of Non-Residential Community Based Juvenile Delinquency Prevention/Intervention Services -- N/A
2009-068-4353 RFP for Purchase of Operation and Programming of the 96-Bed Post-Adjudication Residential Facility (Lyle B. Medlock Youth Treatment Center) -- N/A


Annual Contract for the Purchase of Energy Star Rated Refrigerators and Other Products --  CANCELED
2009-070-4357 Annual Contract for the Purchase of Oil, Greases, Lubricants, Anti-Freeze and Related Automotive Chemicals
2009-071-4358 Request for Proposal - Residential Mechanical Services -- N/A
2009-072-4359 Request for Proposal - Transitional Housing -- N/A
2009-073-4360 Request for Proposal for Weatherization Services -- N/A
2009-074-4361 Production of Jury Services Orientation Video
2009-075-4371 Dallas County Detention Center Medical Modifications Phase 2 -- NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE
2009-076-4376 Annual Contract for the Purchase of R-22 Refrigerant
2009-077-4402 Annual Contract for the Purchase of Clothing & Apparel 
2009-078-4406 Purchase of Ambulatory Passenger Vehicle with Wheelchair Lift and Fold Flip Seats
2009-079-4409 Purchase of DNA Quantitation Instrument  -- CANCELED

Annual Contract for Forensic DNA Testing and Analysis Services

2009-081-4423 Annual Contract for Keys and Locks
2009-082-4424 Annual Contract for Tables and Chairs Rental
2009-083-4425 Request for Proposal for Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Services @ Dallas County Judicial Treatment Facility for Dallas County Community Supervision and Corrections Department -- N/A
2009-084-4426 Contract for the Widening of the Concrete Driveway at the Grubb Street Entrance  of the Mesquite Government Center and Related Services
2009-085-4427 Purchase of Batch Tumble Chiller Loading Conveyor
2009-086-4428 Annual Contract for Janitorial Services for the Southern and Southwest Sections of Dallas County
2009-087-4430 Request for Proposal - Contract for Purchase of an On-line Individualized Instructional Program With Emphasis on Remedial Skills, Accelerated Instruction, and Credit Recovery for the Students -- N/A
2009-088-4437 Purchase of Benches for Garland Truancy
2009-089-4438 Annual Contract for Janitorial Services for the Institute of Forensic Sciences/Medical Examiners Office -- NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE
2009-090-4439 Purchase of SmartCycler System I Upgrade -- NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE
2009-091-4440 Annual Contract for Vehicle Auto Body and Collision Repair Services
2009-092-4443 Production and Airing  of a Radio Advertisement -- CANCELLED
2009-093-4444 Annual Contract for Clinical Laboratory Testing 
2009-094-4445 Annual Contract for Liquid Waste and Grease/Sand Traps Treatment, Collection and Disposal Services
2009-095-4446 Annual Contract for Commercial Window Cleaning and Washing Services for Single and Multi-Story Buildings (Interior and Exterior)
2009-096-4459 Annual Contract for Hazardous Material Consultant Services
2009-097-4461 Annual Contract for Various Types of Environmental Abatement Services
2009-098-4477 Purchase of Digital X-Ray Machine
2009-099-4513 Request for Proposal - HIV Health and Social Services to be Funded by the FY 2010 Department of State health Services HIV Health and Social Services (State Services) Grant -- N/A
2009-100-4521 Purchase of Automated DNA Electrophoresis & Quantitation Instrument -- NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE
2009-101-4532 Annual Contract for the Purchase of Staple/Frozen Foods, Condiments and Household Products
2009-102-4533 Contract for the Removal and Replacement of Sidewalks and Related Concrete Work at the Health and Human Services Building
2009-103-4535 Contract for Preventive/Remedial Maintenance, Inspection and Repair of the Deaerator Heater and Storage Tank at the Lew Sterrett North Tower Jail
2009-104-4545 Annual Contract for Janitorial Services for the Downtown Complex
2009-105-4546 Purchase of One Ton Crew Cab and Chassis Trucks with Service Bodies
2009-106-4555 Annual Contract for Fax Machine Maintenance
2009-107-4556 Annual Contract for Time Clock Maintenance -- NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE


Purchase and Installation of New Service Bodies on 2009 Ford F350 Single Rear Wheel Cab and Chassis Trucks -- NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE
2009-109-4570 Annual Contract for HVAC Systems Chemical Water Treatment and Consulting Services
2009-110-4573 Demo/Reconstruct:  505 Armstrong, Seagoville, TX
2009-111-4574 Demo/Reconstruct:  222 Walnut, Wilmer, TX
2009-112-4575 Annual Contract for the Purchase of Lime Slurry and Liquefied Cement System (Super Slurry) -- NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE
2009-113-4578 Cottonwood Trail - Section G - MCIP Project No. 10214 - Construction of  Trail, Grading, Pedestrian Bridge and Drainage Improvements
2009-114-4580 Purchase of a Mobile Medical Clinic Vehicle -- NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE
2009-115-4585 Demo/Reconstruct:  1422 Honor, DeSoto, TX 
2009-116-4626 RFP for a Help Desk System for the Dallas County Elections Department -- N/A
2009-117-4627 Annual Contract for Fabricating & Printing of Custom Printed Court Case File Folder Jackets -- NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE
2009-118-4633 Annual Contract for the Purchase of SCBA Cylinders/MSA Equipment
2009-119-4634 Annual Contract for Bond/Blue Printing & Reprographic Services -- NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE