Dallas County Purchasing Department

Current Bid Tabulations

Records Building - 509 Main Street, 6th Floor, Room 623, Dallas, TX 75202
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Bid Tabulations
Bid Number Description



A/C for Routine Histological Services primarily including preparation of Paraffin Blocks from fixed tissue and preparation of slides with Hematoxylin and Eosin Staining



A/C for Asbestos-Lead-Mold Assessment and Consultant Services
2016-003-6540 RFP for Psychological Screening and Counseling of Law Enforcement Personnel



A/C for the Purchase of Indigent Hygiene Packets and Related items
2016-005-6542 RFP for Homeland Security and Emergency Management (HSEM) Disaster Debris Monitoring and Consulting Services
2016-006-6543 RFP for GPS Fleet Tracking Services for the Dallas County Automotive Service Center (ASC)
2016-007-6544 RFP for Third-Party Claims Administration and Related Services for Dallas County Self-Insured Worker's Compensation Program
2016-008-6545 Contract for the Removal and Replacement of the Steam Water System at North Tower Jail



A/C for Georgia Pacific Brand Paper Towels and Rolls
2016-010-6547 A/C for Road and Highway Aggregate materials for survace Treatment and Repairs
2016-011-6548 A/C for the Purchase of Tires and Tubes
2016-012-6549 A/C for body Damage and Collision Repair Services for Passenger, Medium and Heavy duty Vehicles
2016-013-6550 Demo & Recon - 411 Sunnyside Ave, Cockrell Hill, TX
2016-014-6551 Demo & Recon - 206 Thorne, Wilmer, TX
2016-015-6552 Demo & Recon - 709 Lloyd St., Wilmer TX
2016-016-6553 Demo & Recon - 2417 Doty Lane, Balch Springs, TX
2016-017-6554 Demo & Recon - 11917 Quail Dr., Balch Springs, TX
2016-018-6555 Demo & Recon - 4502 Shepherd Ln., Balch Springs, TX
2016-019-6556 RFP for Voluntary Supplemental Employee Benefits
2016-020-6557 RFP for Commercial Janitorial Cleaning Services for the George Allen Sr. Courts Bldg., Records Bldg. Complex and Administration Bldg.
2016-021-6558 RFP for Commercial Janitorial Cleaning Services for the Henry Wade Juvenile Justice Center, Juvenile Justice Alternative Education Program Facility, and Panoramic Circle Facility
2016-022-6559 RFP  for Commercial Janitorial Cleaning Services for the Southwest Institute of Forensic Science Office of the Medical Examiner
2016-023-6560 Contract for Electric Service Relocation and Generator Set Upgrade at 2121 Panoramic Circle, Dallas, TX
2016-024-6561 RFQ - Indefinite Delivery / Indefinite Quantity for Professional Engineering Laboratory Services, Construction Material Testing and Geotechnicak Engineering Services
2016-025-6562 SOQ for Architectural and Engineering Services – Records Building Complex Renovations
2016-026-6563 A/C for New and As-Is Modular Furniture to be Purchased and Installed at Various Dallas County Facilities