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Who do I call when I have questions?

Planning Council Office Support Staff
Crystal Flores photo Andrew Wilson photo Photo Pending
Crystal Flores
RWPC Manager
Phone: 214-819-1879
Andrew Wilson
RWPC Planner
Phone: 214-819-1857
Annie Sawyer-Williams
RWPC Coordinator
Phone: 214-819-1840
Contact Crystal Flores, Planning Council Manager if...
  • I have questions about the Ryan White Treatment Modernization Act or Grantor Policies
  • I have questions about the Planning Council Bylaws
  • I have questions about policies and/or procedures of planning council or its committees
  • I have any administrative management questions about the process used by the RWPC
Contact Andrew Wilson, Planning Council Planner if...
  • I have questions about the Comprehensive Plan, Needs Assessment, or epidemiological data
  • I have questions about the priority setting and planning process
  • I have questions about the evaluation process
  • I want to request copies of, or information about, any of the aboce processes
Contact Alexis Hunter, Planning Council Coordinator if...
  • I want to request any meeting materials
  • I want to present something at a meeting
  • I want an application
  • I want to join a committee
  • I want to know dates and times of meetings
  • I have questions about the nominations process
  • I want to submit someones name for nomination
Administrative Agency Staff
Lynn Smith-Clay photo Joe Thekkekara photo
Lynn Smith-Clay
Grants Management Officer
Phone: 214-819-1869
Joe Thekkekara
Grants Manager
Phone: 214-819-1845