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Administrative Plan

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Dallas County Administrative Plan, 2017-2021

In 2007, Dallas County adopted its first comprehensive strategic plan which was designed to have a life of ten years.  Because it is anticipated that the County will encounter a number of unique challenges and opportunities over the next five years—such as the County becoming debt-free, the area’s population continuing to change, and the Legislature likely to impose appraisal caps—the County has adopted a new Administrative Plan to succeed this earlier plan and to help it safely navigate and fully take advantage of these upcoming situations.

Administrative Plan Downtown Dallas Image

Designed to help the County know what it wants to be and how it can get there, the Plan is relatively simple and straightforward.  It builds upon the success of the earlier strategic plan by continuing that plan’s five visions (which establish what the County wants to be), and it creates two new goals (which provide additional priority).

Dallas County VisionsDallas County Goals
Dallas County is operationally a model governmental entity.Dallas County services will be efficiently and effectively delivered in light of changes in technology, the public’s preferences and expectations and the area’s population and economy.
Dallas County is a healthy community.
Dallas County is safe, secure, and prepared.
Dallas County is a proactive regional partner.
Dallas County is the destination of choice for businesses and residents.Decisions will be made based on the best and most complete information available.

It also authorizes staff to undertake a variety of major program initiatives which will produce benefits throughout the entire organization and help the County achieve the Plan’s visions:

  • Establish office space standards;
  • Conduct an oral history of key past/present County officials and employees;
  • Update, maintain, and make readily available an on-line collection of all County policies;
  • Improve the condition and appearance of all County facilities and ensure their compatibility with surrounding neighborhoods;
  • Enhance the County’s MWBE program;
  • Develop an alternative civil service structure and review existing grievance process;
  • Develop a proposal for improving employee compensation;
  • Develop an unincorporated area strategy;
  • Develop a County purchasing manual;
  • Update County organizational chart; and
  • Develop a ten-year capital plan for County facilities.

All offices and departments, including the Commissioners Court, are to use and follow this Plan over the next five years when making decisions and developing new policies, projects, and programs.  So as to ensure that all proposed activities are consistent with this Plan, all items placed on the Commissioners Court agenda for consideration must not only identify the vision and goal that the item is consistent with, but also explain how the proposed item is consistent with both the identified vision and goal.  It is thought by having this last requirement—explaining how the proposed item is consistent with the Plan—will further help everyone fully understand the relationship between a proposed activity and the direction of the Plan.

The Plan recognizes that the world will not stand still over the next five years.  There will undoubtedly be new issues that will arise.  Accordingly, the County Administrator has been authorized to create a standing committee to review, develop and consider possible changes and additions to the Plan.

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