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CARES Act Funding

    Food Pantry Assistance Program

    George L. Allen, Sr. Courts Building - 600 Commerce Street, Suite 750, Dallas, TX 75202

    Dallas County Food Pantry Assistance

    Dallas County recognizes that food pantries are on the frontline of the current COVID-19 pandemic. These organizations provide an invaluable service for the county’s community and it wishes to support them to ensure they are able to continue providing their critical services, including distributing produce and pantry staple items on a regular basis. It is crucial that Dallas County individuals and families in need are able to access essential food resources during this unprecedented time.



    OBJECTIVE:  The Dallas County Food Pantry Assistance Program focuses on feeding the most vulnerable populations: seniors, children, the homeless, and those just placed in emergency need due to rapidly increasing job losses. The program will be funded using CARES Act grants and is an initiative of the Dallas County CARES Team. The program will provide a one-time grant to those eligible selected organizations providing food pantry services working to improve food access, and food security in Dallas County who have experienced demand because of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

    INITIAL ALLOCATION AMOUNT:  Initial allocation will be $500,000 and may be revised based on actual demand, with approval of the Dallas County Commissioners Court.

    APPLICATION PROCESS:  Fully completed applications will be processed, on-line via the Dallas County website.

    The application period for the Food Pantry Assistance Program has now closed. Please contact a member of the Dallas County CARES team should you require additional assistance.

    PROGRAM ADMINISTRATION:  The Dallas County CARES team shall accept applications online, manage the allocation of funds, data collection, reporting requirements and will provide general program oversight. It is anticipated that the program’s initial allocation will be committed within 90 days.

    ELIGIBILITY/TARGET POPULATION:  Funding will be restricted to organizations providing Food Pantry services in Dallas County (with priority going to organizations located outside the city of Dallas). Funds distributed will be used to reimburse organizations who have been operating during the 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic. Community organizations providing food assistance to county residents with limited resources including:

    • Food banks
    • Food pantries
    • Soup  Kitchens
    • Community Cupboards

    AWARD:  The award amount offered is up-to $15,000 to those eligible selected organizations who have been managing demand during the Covid-19 pandemic including for food distribution, administrative costs, costs incurred to bolster refrigeration/storage capacity, transportation cost and temporary equipment in order to comply with social distancing guidelines.

    For selected organizations, the grant will reimburse at a rate of $2.00 per pound for food distributed from March – September 2020 during the 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic. Priority will go to those organizations located in Dallas County outside the City of Dallas.

    QUALIFICATIONS:  Funding will be restricted to organizations providing Food Pantry services in Dallas County (excluding the City of Dallas). Funds distributed are aimed at partially reimbursing those organizations providing food pantry services who have experienced increased demand during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


    • Be current in the payment of all Dallas County and local taxes;
    • Must be physically located in Dallas County with a physical Dallas County mailing address.
    • Demonstrate food assistance provided, or other costs incurred, from March – September 2020 due to the COVID-19 public health emergency.

    REPORTING:  The Dallas County Cares Team shall provide monthly reports to Dallas County Commissioners including a listing of organizations awarded; the amount awarded, and amount of funds remaining.

    SPECIAL PROVISIONS:  Because of the program’s mission to rapidly provide assistance, the program will have the following special provisions:

    • The County Administrator will have the authority to revise any of the program’s policies, allocations, rules, and terms provided he informs the Commissioners Court within twenty-four hours of the proposed change.
    • However, he does not have the authority to unilaterally provide additional funding to the program.
    • Should the County Administrator revise a component of this program and sufficiently informs the Court, the Court still retains the right to formally rescind, reverse, alter, or adopt the revision.

    If assistance is needed, please contact a member of the Dallas County CARES Team at or contact (214) 875-2184.

    Meeting the criteria does not obligate Dallas County to provide assistance to any organization providing food pantry services. Any award granted under this program may not be utilized for reimbursement to donors for donated items or services.

    This grant may not be used for expenses that have been, or will be, reimbursed under any federal program. Any amount awarded under this program shall be reduced by the amount of funding received from other Cares Act assistance.