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60 Day Burn Ban in Effect as of June 23, 2022

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Stay Safe Business

Stay Safe Business Graphic

We applaud the businesses that remain committed to voluntarily creating a safer experience for employees and consumers.

To spotlight them, we have created a voluntary pledge for businesses to sign: the Stay Safe Business Pledge. This pledge means the business has expressed their intent to follow the COVID 19 health recommendations on

Businesses that sign the pledge commit to continuing to implement public health guidelines such as: 

  • Checking employee temperatures prior to work, 
  • Having employees wear face coverings,
  • Keeping six feet of physical separation between employees to the greatest extent possible,
  • Providing soap and water or hand sanitizer in the workplace
  • Allowing non-essential personnel to work from home.
  • Please click here for a full list of business guidelines.

Our residents are more likely to frequent a business that they believe creates a safer shopping environment. I encourage businesses to sign the pledge and voluntarily follow the public health recommendations. Businesses who want to take the pledge can email to receive materials that can be posted publicly and shared on social media.