Dallas County District Clerk Felicia Pitre

Important Notice Concerning Family Court Records

In order to protect the security of minors and protect personal identification of children from misuse, the District Clerk does not make records of the Family Courts available online. The District Clerk has opted to cancel the Dallas County contract with a private firm known as “iDocket” that previously made these records available through their subscription service effective May 12, 2018. The District Clerk makes these records available exclusively through the clerk’s Records Office. Records of the Family Courts may be obtained via email by contacting DCRecords@dallascounty.org. Payment for records may be made in-person or online. Please see the clerk’s website for more information.

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Important Notice for Juvenile Court Filers

Effective Monday, 10/30/2017, Juvenile Court eFilers will notice significant changes when eFiling pleadings in Juvenile cases:

Subsequent pleadings in Adoption, Adoption and Termination, Foreign Adoption, Gestational Parenting, and Termination of Parental Rights cases may no longer be eFiled. Subsequent filings in those cases must be filed in person at the District Clerk File Desk in the Henry Wade Juvenile Justice Center, 3rd Floor.

In order to be compliant with statute and rules of the Dallas County Juvenile District Courts that require the confidentiality of parties to juvenile cases, the clerk’s office has implemented “party masking” in the eFiling portal. Party masking means that the party names will no longer appear in the eFile Texas portal after you enter a cause number. Instead, filers will see the styling displayed as ‘*******’ .

Once the clerk’s office receives a filing, we will check the party name in the pleading, but it is essential that filers use the correct cause number to avoid any inconvenience. Filers will no longer be able to search for cases by party name but must use the cause number for all subsequent filings. Unfortunately this means that the ability to use a previous envelope to retrieve a cause number will also no longer be available.

We understand the inconvenience this may cause, but trust that attorneys will appreciate the commitment the courts and the clerk’s office are making to protect the confidentiality of your clients.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact the District Clerk Juvenile Division at (214) 698-4910.

The Civil/Family File Desk and the Trust and Accounting Department are now accepting credit card payments effective 09/13/18!

The Following Payments Are Accepted:
  credit card image
  • CASH
    Please make Money Orders payable to
    District Clerk, Felicia Pitre

Criminal Court Filers are Reminded that the
Statewide eFiling Mandate in the Criminal Courts
of Dallas County is effective, July 1, 2017.


eFiling Educational Resources



State Department Issues New Requirments
for Proof of Citizenship:

A photo copy of your proof of citizenship will now be required by the State Department, in addition to the actual original proof of citizenship itself. If the proof of citizenship has print on the backside, which they normally do not, the acceptance agent will need a copy of the back side as well. This requirement does not apply if using a expired passport as your proof of citizenship.

Please click here for Frequently Asked Questions regarding the new requirements.

New Supreme Court Rules for
Filers Seeking to Waive Court Costs

Effective September 1, 2016

Supreme Court Order Button
Statement of Inability to Pay Button

iDocket Discussion Button

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Attention: Highlights of E-filing Requirements

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Mission Statement

The mission of the District Clerk is to provide the judicial system and the public with information and support in the most technologically advanced method possible by:

  • Fulfilling our statutory duties as record custodian and fee officer to the best of our abilities
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