Dallas County
Homeland Security & Emergency Management

509 Main St. Ste. 305, Dallas, TX 75209 Office 214-653-7980 Fax 214-653-7988


Dallas County HSEM Printable Resources

2013 End of Year Report

     The report can be viewed or downloaded [HERE].

Preparedness Pamphlet

Disponible en Español [AQUI]


      The Dallas County HSEM Emergency Preparedness Pamphlet is designed to be a useful resource for getting started with emergency preparedness. It includes valuable information pertinent to preparing for an emergency, as well as access to additional preparedness resources through your computer or smartphone.

      The pamphlet works best when printed double-sided onto a single piece of letter paper, and then folded into thirds. This makes it convenient to store within a glovebox or other container, or even attached to the kitchen fridge.The pamphlet can be viewed or downloaded [HERE].



Emergency Procedures Poster

Disponible en Español [AQUI]


      The Emergency Procedures Poster is an easy-to-read reference for the steps that should be taken in the event of an emergency. Emergencies include bomb threats, tornados, active shooters, fire and more.

      The pamphlet works best when printed on legal sized paper, but can be printed on regular paper. Keep the poster in an area that will be visible to you in the workplace or office, such as on your desk or wall. The poster can be viewed or downloaded [HERE].