Kiestwood Trail Ribbon Cutting Brings Laughter, Pride Around Expanding Trails System

Posted by: Maria Arita, Chief PIO
Monday, March 18, 2013

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At the podium Left to Right:  Dallas City Councilman Scott Griggs (also standing between Judge Clay Jenkins and Commissioner Garcia/Photo #2, County Judge Clay Jenkins, President of Dallas Park Board, Commissioner Elba Garcia, Commissioner John Wiley Price. Traci Enna, Chief of Staff Commissioner Mike Cantrell (2nd from far right, Photo #3); Rick Loessberg, Director Planning and Development, Dallas County far Right Photo #3

The ribbon cutting turnout of elected officials and residents revealed great cooperation and synergy between Dallas County and the City of Dallas for a much needed extension to the County Trail system. Prayers, citizen participation and humor marked the day. Commissioners Elba Garcia and John Wiley Price along with Judge Clay Jenkins were in rare form today as they stressed the importance of the trail and working together to keep growth and development a priority in the southern sector.

Stay tuned for more TRAIL news and updates as Dallas County continues to expand the Trail System so that one day soon bikers and pedestrians will be able to commute from one end of the County to the other without the use of a car!