Commissioner Daniel Honors Three Extraordinary Women of Dallas County and Their Contributions…

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Photo #1: Commissioner Theresa Daniel; Photo #2 (L to R): Mr. John Gonzales representing Adelfa Botello Callejo; Myrtis Ophelia Evans and Vivian Anderson Castleberry

… Adelfa Botello Callejo, Vivian Anderson Castleberry, and Myrtis Ophelia Evans. Ms. Callejo was ill and was represented in Commissioners Court by Mr. John Gonzales were all acknowledged today for Women’s History Month.  In an impassioned resolution Commissioner Daniel marked this moment as one dedicated to these three women’s contributions specifically, stating:  “We honor the work of Ms. Adelfa Botello Callejo, an attorney, entrepreneur, and leader within the Hispanic community, a civil rights advocate in Dallas County… and the first Hispanic woman to receive a degree from SMU Dedman School of Law where the Leadership Latino Studies Institute is named in her honor;  Ms. Vivian Anderson Castleberry who co-founded the first women’s shelter in Dallas, Texas, The Family Place, as a safe haven for women and children of abuse … and the first female editor of the Dallas Times Herald.  An author and advocate of moral and social reform, Castleberry continues to inspire a generation of women and men, in particular through the Castleberry Peace Institute; and finally Ms. Myrtis Ophelia Evans, dedicated to ensuring the rights of citizens to vote and be involved in the political process.  Over the past 45 years, she has served … with former Dallas County Judge Garry Weber, U.S. Congressman Martin Frost, and currently, Texas State Senator Royce West … as a trusted public servant and grass roots organizer, she continues to educate, train and model ethical leadership in the democratic process.

The three honorees gave their remarks and words of gratitude and the words of Adelfa Callejo, given through her representative, Gonzalez, on the “nothingness of the word ‘impossible’” were received with great applause.

Commissioner John Wiley Price Introduces the New DeSoto Mayor for a Day!


Photo #1: 13-yr-old Xavier Newman, current DeSoto Mayor Carl Sherman; Photo #2: Commissioner John Wiley Price

… Mr. Xavier Newman an honor student with a 98% attendance record and 3.5 grade point average.  As his parents stood behind Newman, the current Mayor of Desoto Carl Sherman announced with great pride that the Desoto Independent School District has made it their mission to prepare students academically but also as problem solvers, critical thinkers and for leadership.  So it was proclaimed that today the City of DeSoto would welcome the service of their new Mayor for A Day. Mayor Sherman chuckled as he read passages from Newman’s submission essay where he’d informed the Mayor that “he may be making changes and one day give Mayor Sherman a run for his money.”

County Judge Clay Jenkins Recognizes Poison Prevention Week…

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Photo #1: Melody Gardner, North TX Poison Control Center, Photo #2: Judge Clay Jenkins

… by emphasizing the need for the provision of life saving information and resources through the North Texas Poison Control Center.  Located at Parkland Health and Hospital System, for the past 51 years, the Poison Control Center has provided critical programming and emergency information on hazardous substances.  Judge Jenkins emphasized that “these programs must continue as long as even one child swallows a household product or medicine by mistake.”  The week of March 17-23, 2013 is hereby designated Poison Prevention Week in Dallas County by encouraging concerned citizens, the community and schools to continue to raise awareness about the misuse of medicines, hazardous chemicals and about promoting safety wherever and whenever possible.