Commissioner John Wiley Price Honors the Trojans Basketball Team, James Madison High…


More than a dozen strong, the Trojans proudly displayed not only their colors but their recognition of the importance of good governance, civic responsibility and leadership.  James Madison High School

is prestigious and notorious for its alumnae whose presence has been felt across many arenas including  Sports, Music, Politics, Journalism and law, producing names such as Stanley Marcus, Aaron Spelling, Dave Stallworth, and elected president of the National Medical Association, Dr. Michael A. Lenior.  In addition to its historic importance and academic excellence, James Madison High boasts a 2013 James Madison High School Trojan Boys Basketball team which has amassed a record of 29 wins and five losses.  With great pride Dallas County Commissioner’s Court, by the direction of Commissioner John Wiley Price, congratulated the team and its leadership on its successful bid to become UIL 3-A Champs for the 2012-2013 season.