Dallas County Commissioner Mike Cantrell proclaims April 21st-April 27th, 2013, as Dallas County Crime Victims’ Rights Week…


… in hopes of reaching every victim of crime. In his Proclamation before Commissioners Court today, Commissioner Mike Cantrell reiterated the importance of local government to seize the moment in our commitment to a greater awareness for victims’ rights and to providing ongoing support and services.  Nearly 19 million Americans are directly harmed by crime each year, which has a domino effect on the community at large.  Victim assistance programs provide help and support to child victims of violence and sexual abuse; stalking victims; survivors of homicide victims; victims of drunk-driving crashes; and victims of domestic, dating, and sexual violence and other crimes.  Cantrell expressed urgency and called on the community and municipalities to act now, adding “now is the time to embrace new solutions that involve new partnerships with underserved communities and a greater emphasis on learning what works in meeting victims’ needs.” Dallas County is joining forces with victim service providers, criminal justice agencies, and concerned citizens to raise awareness of victims’ rights and observe National Crime Victims’ Rights Week.

Commissioner John Wiley Price Introduces the New DeSoto Mayor For A Day!

4-17-13Price1 4-17-13Price2 4-17-13Price3

Photo #1: Judge Clay Jenkins, Commissioners John Wiley Price and Dr. Elba Garcia |  Photo #2: Indigo Dillard, Current Desoto Mayor Carl Sherman | Photo #3: back row (Mayor Sherman, Indigo Dillard/Parents; 1st Row (Commissioners Theresa Daniel, Mike Cantrell, Judge Jenkins, John Wiley Price and Dr. Garcia

… Ms. Indigo Dillard, an honor student with a 98% attendance record and 3.5 grade point average.  The current Mayor of Desoto Carl Sherman announced with great pride that the Desoto Independent School District has made it their mission to prepare students academically but also as problem solvers, critical thinkers and for leadership.  So it was proclaimed that today the City of DeSoto would welcome the service of their new Mayor for A Day. Mayor Sherman hailed Dillard’s submission essay and her level of commitment and leadership, saying “we often wondered how she juggles cheerleading, the honor roll and her leadership roles and she said ‘time management!’”

Commissioner Dr. Elba Garcia Proclaims April 14-20th as Dallas County’s Week of the Young Child….

4-17-13Garcia1 4-17-13Garcia2

Commissioner Elba Garcia read the Proclamation and the work of Early Childhood Centers, lauding their work in improving early development and learning opportunities, including early literacy programs in Dallas County. A spokeswoman for the Low Birth Weight Development Center stood beside a mother and her now very healthy toddler who was only two (2) pounds at birth, as living proof of the critical role that agencies play in the development and care of low birth weight children.  Commissioner Garcia cheerfully encouraged all citizens to work to make a good investment in early childhood, adding “teachers and others who make a difference in the lives of young children in Dallas County deserve thanks and recognition.”

Tax Office Expands Motor Vehicle Registration Locations

Contact: Norman Kasal, 214-653-7074 or nkasal@dallascounty.org

Quotes by: John R. Ames, CTA, Dallas County Tax Assessor/Collector

[Dallas, TX] – The Kroger retail food chain is making motor vehicle registration renewals available in all of its locations in Dallas County.  The Dallas County Tax Office is proud to partner with Kroger to provide this service for the public’s convenience.  Kroger’s registration  hours are Monday through Sunday: 8:am – 8:00 pm.

John R. Ames, the Dallas County Tax Assessor/Collector stated: “The Tax Office is constantly looking for quick and convenient ways for the citizens of Dallas County to conduct their important business with this office. We are excited to welcome Kroger to work with us in the renewal of motor vehicle registrations.”

For additional information, visit the Dallas County Tax Office website at www.dallascounty.org or call 214-653-7811.