Grand Prairie Government Center Dedication Generates Support, Attracts Officials From Across the State …

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Regional and County officials as well as city partners were on-hand at the Dedication Ceremony last Friday.  Dallas County Commissioner Elba Garcia echoed the sentiment from everyone it took to make this happen, saying, It has been a long time, but with the diligent work of current and past County officials, dedicated staff, and the cooperation of the City of Grand Prairie, the new space is here. Hope to see you there!”]

The two-story, 32,000-square-foot sub-courthouse will serve as the local county government center housing District 4’s Truancy Court, Justice of the Peace Court, and tax offices plus Juvenile Probation and Constable offices. In addition, approximately 200 people will be employed here, having a positive effect on the economic revitalization of downtown Grand Prairie. County Judge Clay Jenkins added “This is a great day for Dr. Garcia and all of our elected officials and employees in Southwest Dallas County.  I am particularly excited for the new Truancy Court facilities which will help us in our ongoing battle to curb the dropout rate and increase graduation rates in Dallas County.”