Founders Plaza Getting a Makeover Beginning This Week

[Dallas, TX] – [Work is expected to begin this week on a series of improvements to the County’s Founders Plaza (this is the plaza that is east of the Records Building in downtown Dallas).  As part of this work, a construction fence will be placed around much of the plaza’s perimeter.  However, access to the plaza’s two sets of elevators, its ADA ramps, and to the Records Building’s east entrance will remain open.] Continue reading “Founders Plaza Getting a Makeover Beginning This Week”

Truancy Court Celebrates “Next Level” Graduation!

[Dallas, TX] – [This year, on Wednesday, July 10th 2013 (tomorrow), the Dallas County Truancy Court will have a graduation celebration called NEXT LEVEL. This event will celebrate the accomplishments of a group of identified students who have completed the Dallas County Truancy Court program as high school graduates for the 2013 school year.  Our service providers are assisting us with the event by making monetary donations and providing services to the students at no charge.  The event will assist students with the necessary steps to get them to the NEXT LEVEL in life.]

Continue reading “Truancy Court Celebrates “Next Level” Graduation!”