Dallas County Recognizes Employees of the Month and Employee of the Year, Together for the First Time, with an Official Ceremony Today

By: Maria Arita, PIO
Tuesday, December 18, 2012

[Dallas County Commissioners Court, Tuesday December 18, 2012] – In a motion made by Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins and seconded by Commissioner Mike Cantrell, the Commissioners Court authorized the creation of an Employee Recognition Program today to encourage recognition of dedicated employees who represent the best and brightest in the County workforce. In that spirit Commissioners announced Employees of the Month for all departments as well as the most coveted of all County employee awards, Employee of the Year. Employees nominated from each department each took their turn at the dais for pictures, accompanied by the occasional light hearted chatter and kudos from Commissioner John Wiley Price and other commissioners. Laughter and Holiday cheer ruled the day as members of the Court, department heads and audience reveled in the opportunity to give kudos to those who have worked tirelessly throughout the year(s) in service to their County.

The greatest accolade, Employee of the Year, went to Ray Goin, probation officer for the Dallas County Juvenile Department, in recognition for his 21 years of service and exemplary track record. Goin had previously been recognized by his department as Employee of the Month for August 2012.

Darryl Martin

Dr. Terry Smith, Ray Goin

Ray Goin

County Administrator Darryl Martin read a list of qualities that made Goin this year’s choice, saying “He has acted as a mentor to some of the youth he supervises. He has helped youth get in school, independent living problems and connect them with community resources. On one case, JPO Goin personally transported the youth to Promise House and completed the paperwork, attended the intake & interview sessions to facilitate processing the youth’s acceptance. The program indicated that without JPO Goin’s direct help, the youth would not have been accepted.”

As his name was announced, a stunned Ray Goin could be seen approaching the podium with his characteristic humility, giving thanks for the praise and exclaiming “I will keep working, every day; I will never stop doing this!” Commissioner Garcia added, “Congratulations to Mr. Goin! Thank you for making a difference on our youths and their families. It is employees like Mr. Goin that make an impact in Dallas County peoples’ lives, especially during the holidays. I am proud to have dedicated employees that serve the community.” Today’s ceremony and recognition program is part of the current administration’s effort to send a message to employees that they are valued, to emphasize the importance of what they do each and every day and to make Dallas County both a satisfying and rewarding place to work.

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