Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price proclaims May 6th-May 12th, 2013 as National Nurses Week…

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Commissioner Price called the work of nurses a “calling that can be undertaken only by the most gifted and dedicated of individuals–people who can be strong in the most extreme and emotional of situations; people who can make instantaneous decisions that can save a life; and people who can make an injured child smile and a dying person feel safe.” He pointed specifically to the heavily utilized Parkland Hospital, with over 130,000 emergency room visits, 18,500 surgeries, their many community clinics, deliveries and nearly eight (8) million prescriptions filled per year, as a hallmark of the important nature of the work of nurses.  The Commissioner said they are on the frontlines every day and are the foundation of the Hospital … “the foundation, its heart, its face and the bonding agent.” But, he said “the most significant contribution (of nurses) to Dallas County is their compassion and professionalism…they consistently display.”

Dallas County Commissioners Court gratefully extends its sincere appreciation to the 3,020 nurses of Parkland Hospital for the life-saving and life-giving role that they perform every hour of every day and for the example that they set for each of us and designates the period of May 6 through May 12, 2013 as “National Nurses’ Week.”