Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price, Public Works, TxDOT to hold Groundbreaking of Pleasant Run Overpass!

[Dallas, TX] – [Dallas County, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) and the City of Wilmer are proud to announce the groundbreaking of the $12.6 million Pleasant Run Overpass this Friday, May 17th at 10:30am.  The project is the second phase of a commitment that includes the recently constructed Wintergreen Overpass just to the north and will be virtually identical.  Both projects represent critical links to the Inland Port, providing safer crossings at Millers Ferry and the railroad for the traveling public.]

Project Overview:

The new bridge over Union Pacific tracks and Millers Ferry Road will enable continuous traffic flow from Interstate 45 to areas west of Millers Ferry Road in the City of Wilmer and into Hutchins and Lancaster.  This major project transforms Pleasant Run Road which currently consists of a two-lane asphalt road with a railroad crossing and no sidewalks.  When completed next summer, it will feature sidewalks and a four-lane continuous concrete overpass that will take vehicles and pedestrians over both Millers Ferry Road and a multiple set of busy railroad tracks without interruption.

Safety: A significant area west of Interstate 45 is still largely undeveloped and this overpass is another critical link in the infrastructure that will provide safe and efficient transportation to the Inland Port, when the project is completed and the adjacent properties are developed. This area is one of the few locations in the United States to feature a major intermodal facility and the intersection of both an east-west and north-south interstate highway.

Dallas County was asked to participate in this project by the City of Wilmer and the North Central Council of Governments (NCTCOG) in 2008.  Funding for the Pleasant Run Road Overpass project included federal funds and matched primarily with local TIP funds from NCTCOG through Dallas County.  The project represents a Local Project Advance Funding Agreement (LPAFA) between TxDOT and Dallas County designated TxDOT as the Lead Agency and Dallas County as Local Government, provided the federal funds for the project, and assigned project responsibilities. Dallas County’s The project spans East of Sunrise Road to West of Interstate 45 (see ATTACHMENT)


Project Team/Partners: 

NCTCOG, TxDOT, Dallas County, City of Wilmer, Union Pacific Railroad, Kimley-Horn Associates, and Ragle Construction Inc.


Bid Opening                          December 2012

Construction Award           February 2013

Construction Begins           Spring 2013

Construction Complete       Summer 2014


Commissioner (Dist. 3) John Wiley Price