Dallas County Receives Truancy Courts Technology Excellence Award

[Dallas, TX] — [On May 22, 2013, members of the Dallas County Clerk’s Office, Dallas County Office of Information Technology and Dallas County Truancy Court staff attended the Tyler Technologies Annual User Conference held in Austin Texas. This year, Dallas County was the recipient of Tyler Technologies Excellence Award. This award is given each year to a county who has used Tyler’s case management system, Odyssey, to implement additional best practices outside of the case management systems normal functionality.]

The County Clerk’s office along with Dallas County’s Office of Information Technology jointly developed a process for the electronic submission of truancy case filings TIS (Truancy Information System).

TIS replaced a manual system that required clerks to enter all the information manually into the computer system. The school districts delivered all paperwork to the five (5) Truancy Court locations on a daily basis. With the creation of the TIS System, the school districts can enter all the information into the TIS system directly from their offices. TIS automatically generate and electronically file the cases in Odyssey. The school districts can access TIS and manage their cases via the internet, view case status and print reports. Having this capability available to the school districts removes the burden of manual data input from the County Truancy Department thus saving valuable resources both manpower and dollars.

TIS has shortened the time frame for processing cases, while saving Dallas County an estimated $175,000 per year.

Dallas County has been able to take advantage of a leading edge case management solution to custom build an external software application. Using the Tyler Technologies API tool kit, as part of the Odyssey solution allows clients to custom build applications external to Odyssey and manage their own timelines and efficiently serve their intra county constituents. This effort has streamlined the Truancy Courts business processes and reduced expenses for both the school districts and Dallas County.