Dallas County Fire Marshal, Controlled Exercise, Staged Chemical Spill!!

[Dallas, TX] –  [Dallas County Fire Marshal’s Office, Emergency Management along with the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office and Dallas County Juvenile Services, along with other county and municipal agencies will be conducting a controlled exercise event which will consist of a staged Chemical Spill Exercise on June 13, 2013 at 9:30 a.m.  The controlled exercise will be evaluating the stages of response time, direction and control of public safety, transportation, communication, and emergency public information.]


  • Areas of standard care
  • Containment
  • Communication and unity among municipalities, county agencies
  • Medical services that occur in these events.
  • Main Purpose – to test each municipality’s abilities and local resources that are currently in place or what will be needed in the future.

WHO:                    Dallas County Fire Marshal, Emergency Management, DC Sheriff’s Office, DC Juvenile Services, other Municipalities

WHAT:                  Chemical Spill Controlled Exercise (for preparedness)

WHEN:                  Thursday, June 13, 2013 (9:30am)

WHERE:                1508 Langdon Road, Dallas

The municipality can privately fund their resource needs or request help from the

County if the need arises.  We will also be testing the Dallas County Emergency Management Department to review office procedures, protocols, disaster positions, and ability to communicate with other agencies and municipalities, state, and federal.  It is imperative that these types of exercises are conducted to ensure both the safety of the public and employees, and that communication standards are in place.

Upon completion of the exercise we will develop recommendations and corrective action plans to assist supporting agencies to create timelines for rectifying.  This controlled exercise will prepare municipalities and Dallas County (which serves as the resource agency) to provide the capabilities and mediation needed during such events in the future.

A copy of the controlled exercise event has been ATTACHED for your review.


Dallas County Fire Marshal’s Office