National Voter Registration Day Kicked Off Today, Tuesday, September 25th. Dallas County Callas for Renewed Awareness and Bi-partisan Participation!

National Voter Registration Day Kicked Off Today, Tuesday, September 25th. Dallas County Callas for Renewed Awareness and Bi-partisan Participation!

Commissioner Elba Garcia joined Jan Sanders and school officials at the Yvonne Ewell Townview Magnet Center, Barefoot Sanders Magnet Law School, Dallas today. Dr. Garcia gave an impassioned speech that placed great emphasis on the importance of our leadership to reach out vigorously to students and the community in creating energy around civic duty and voting!

Left to Right: Jan Sanders, Merriott Terry, Sheila Brown, Commissioner Elba Garcia
Jan Sander – wife of Judge Barefoot Sanders, for whom the magnet school was named and winner of the League of Women Voters, Dallas 2012 Susan B. Anthony award.
Sheila Brown – Townview Magnet School Prinicpal
Merriott Terry – Executive Director of the Ignite program


Today volunteers, celebrities, civic groups, and organizations from all across the country will “hit the streets” for National Voter Registration Day (NVRD) Dallas County invites all citizens and groups regardless of party affiliation to rally around the most important right of Americans – the right to vote; IF YOU’RE NOT REGISTERED, YOU CAN’T VOTE. This joint effort with the League of Women Voters, and other groups, is designed to create interest in and understanding of the elections process among all sectors of the electorate. Since area public high schools provide a convenient and accessible location for all citizens to get involved, all ISDs across the County had been invited to participate. This non-partisan event, supported by institutions like Texas A&M, is a single national day of coordinated field, technology and media efforts to create awareness around voter registration and to recruit and inform students and area residents and volunteers regardless of political affiliation.]

Under the leadership of Toni Pippins-Poole, Administrator of the Dallas County Elections Department (DCED), Dallas County events will be coordinated around a partnership with Dallas County Public High Schools and The League of Women Voters. A new DCED initiative, the Student Election Program, is designed to quicken students’ awareness of the elections process and the rights and responsibilities of voters as well as allow them to see democracy in action. DCED intends to use NVRD to engender the importance of civic duty in students and to recruit as many students as possible for this important program.

As many as 60 area high schools throughout Dallas County are participating from 10:00am to 2pm. People who are not registered to vote can call their neighborhood high school to ask about registration at their location and REGISTER TO VOTE. If you are already registered, resources will be available for absentee and military/overseas ballots, where to vote on election day, new web sources, voter guides and detailed information about the status of the State’s Voter I.D law. Seniors will also have an opportunity to register to vote!