[Dallas, TX] – [Phase II, Round One was completed at 12:07 this morning. Three planes were wheels up at 9:00pm yesterday in the following cities: Duncanville, Ferris, Mesquite, Rowlett, Seagoville, Sunnyvale and Wilmer. All three (3) aircraft were back to base by 12:20am. A total of 74,554.4 acres were sprayed yesterday evening to complete the first round of Phase II Dallas County cities. As of yesterday evening, a total of 800,446 acres have been sprayed for Dallas County over a five-night period of operations. Tonight, ALL areas that were Aerial Sprayed last night will be sprayed again for completion of PHASE II; wheels up at 9:00pm.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) team arrived this week to assist in the response to this situation. The CDC provides specialized Epi-Aid teams to states and countries that request epidemiologic assistance in special situations such as emergency responses and disease outbreaks. The CDC team will help evaluate the impact of adult mosquito control activities on mosquito abundance, and mosquito and human infection rates. The work these teams are doing is very tedious, time consuming and specific; they must be meticulous in order to be accurate in the reportage. All questions regarding CDC teams, their reports and timelines must be directed to the CDC. All questions regarding State (DSHS) team work will have to go directly through the DSHS. We ask that media and others allow them to do their work this week without distraction. We anticipate providing a Dallas County update as early as Tuesday of next week regarding our efforts.

We thank the public for their patience and understanding. We are making every effort to be as minimally invasive as possible but we know that the process is often anything but convenient. Ultimately, our goal is to ensure the safety of all and to properly educate the public regarding WNV.

  • We urge people to continue to take preventative measures against being bitten by a mosquito in the first place. We cannot stress enough that stopping the spread of West Nile Virus is not just a federal, state and local effort it’s a people effort.
  • Ground spraying will continue in areas of Dallas County which did not opt into Aerial Spraying. When that land mass has been covered as well, people will still need to remain extremely vigilant about Standing Water and personal prevention! If we allow standing and stagnant water to exist anywhere – those are the breeding grounds for a possible new round of mosquitoes, thus new concerns about spraying for WNV infected mosquitoes.
  • We ask that citizens remember that until we have all the data in from our field crews, we will NOT know what we have yet to deal with.
  • Although the integrated approach to arresting the spread of WNV is very effective and we are encouraged by preliminary results we are NOT out of the woods yet – there are still mosquitoes out there and the threat to our population is still very real.
  • Prevention and Education are the two key words now to stopping the spread of WNV.

Attached please find:

  1. Map of the area Aerial Spraying last night (08.22.12)
  2. Map of Ground Spraying Areas already covered
  3. Press Release from Dallas County Health and Human Services (DCHHS) confirming that the City of Cedar Hill will commence with its Ground Spraying this evening. For more, updated GROUND SPRAYING information, call Zachary Thompson, Director DCHHS.

For more up-to-date information about infected mosquito pools, control efforts and prevention tips, subscribe to West Nile Watch by sending an email request to westnile@dallascounty.org or log onto http://www.dallascounty.org/westnilevirus. Dallas County HHS Newsletter:

For regular WNV updates and maps, go to Dallas County WNV PIO Page: http://www.dallascounty.org/department/public_info/westnile.php

As always, local CITIES continue to be our best partners. In addition to the above helpful links for WNV information, we urge citizens to call their local municipalities and officials for the best information regarding their respective city. The cities have their own very comprehensive Public Education tools and resources available as well, working in tandem with ours. Please note, although not all cities opted into Aerial Spraying, the rest have opted for Ground Spraying and made those decisions based on data that is specific to their municipality’s needs.

Contact Information: Judge Clay Jenkins

Maria Arita, PIO

Regarding (DSHS)
Carrie Williams, Director Media Relations

For all CDC related questions:
Dave Daigle, Associate Director for Communications
Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response, (CDC)
404-639-1143 (o)
404-775-4073 (m)

Regarding Clarke/Dynamic Aviation, Staging/Media Ops for Aerial Process
Laura McGowan, Communications Director


For Map Specifics and GROUND SPRAYING Process
Zachary Thompson, HHS
Or, DSHHS PIO Patricia Huston