Dallas County opening delayed until 10AM

After DISD made its decision to close Monday I conferred with leaders at NWS,DISD,TxDOT, my staff and county administration. Based on information received from those sources, I am amending my previous broadcast and ordering a delayed opening at 10 a.m. for Monday, March 3, 2014.

Employees should exercise extreme caution and their best judgement in traveling. TxDOT expects overall conditions on area roadways will be passable but speeds will likely need to be significantly reduced. Allow more time to travel tomorrow morning. We have reports of icy conditions in Southeast Dallas County that have resulted in several vehicles losing control. Patchy ice on secondary roads and overpasses throughout the county should be anticipated and ice on non secondary roads is possible.

The NWS is forecasting that further precipitation is unlikely tonight but precipitation on the roads after sundown will continue to freeze due to the very low temperatures. Primary issues in several decisions to close schools were extremely cold wind chills in the morning and early morning employee travel into Dallas County from the surrounding counties. DISD and others are opening their administrative offices at 10.

TxDot and others will continue to monitor and sand the roads. Temperatures are expected to remain below freezing until tomorrow afternoon and therefore icy conditions could remain; particularly on neighborhood and secondary streets. There is also a possibility ice will form on some overpasses and non secondary roadways. Please use appropriate caution when driving.

Our team at Homeland Security and Emergency Management is committed to keeping you safe and informed. We will continue to monitor the weather throughout the night and update you as appropriate.


Clay Jenkins

Dallas County Judge