Statement of Dallas County Judge, Clay Jenkins – Government Offices and Courts Will Be Open Regular Hours Tomorrow, Friday, March 6, 2015

After convening a call with the National Weather Service and several of our public and private partner agencies moments ago, Dallas County Government Offices and Courts will be open tomorrow, Friday, March 6, 2015. My decision was made in my capacity as Director of Homeland Security and Emergency Management. The decision is based in large part on the National Weather Service’s forecast of below freezing temperatures in Dallas County overnight without additional precipitation forecast for tonight or tomorrow. Road conditions may worsen this evening until sunrise tomorrow and morning conditions could be slow as accumulation remaining on the roads will likely refreeze in areas overnight. We expect tomorrow to be sunny with temperatures rising above freezing by 8:00 a.m. Road conditions should improve throughout the morning after sunrise as a combination of rising temperatures, road treatment and vehicle traffic melt any remaining  Please allot extra time and use extra caution.

TxDot and NTTA efforts will focus on major highways and freeways. Some secondary roads will remain untreated and neighborhood streets, shady areas and little used roads will likely see greater problems with refreezing overnight.  Road treatment is ongoing and will continue throughout the event, but it will not be possible to treat all secondary routes.Freeways and overpasses could be icy despite treatment.

If you must drive late tonight or early tomorrow morning, please allot extra time and use extreme caution. Carry an ice scraper, water, blankets and emergency items. Our team at Homeland Security and Emergency Management and our first responder community will be on the job throughout the event to keep you safe. Please help us by avoiding unnecessary travel and exercising precautions on icy or snowy surfaces.

Stay warm, dry and safe,

Clay Jenkins,
Dallas County Judge