City of Dallas Approves Downtown Lane Closures on Monday, November 2 for Film Production

Tomorrow, November 2, (9:30am – 4:00pm) there will be a film production operating in Dealey Plaza.  The production is a film by Rob Reiner called “LBJ” starring Woody Harrelson.  The City of Dallas has approved road closures surrounding the area:  Elm Street at Market Street, Main Street at Market Street, and Houston at Elm Street.  Pedestrian traffic will be allowed to flow freely.  Click here for a map of the impacted streets.

For tomorrow, ALL employees and elected officials will be required to carry their county badges.  County facilities that will be impacted by the above mentioned lane closures, include:

Administration Building
−    Employees and the public will have vehicular access to the parking lot from Houston Street.
−    There will be “blank” ammunition fired in the Dealey Plaza area.  DPD will be onsite to monitor this work.

Records Building
−    The road closure on Elm Street will begin at Market Street.  At Market Street, one lane on Elm Street will be kept open to allow employees and the public access to the parking garage.  Record Street will remain open.  Past Record Street, all lanes will be blocked on Elm Street.
−    Main Street will be closed at Market Street and past Dealey Plaza.
−    Commerce Street will not be impacted.

The film production was scheduled to shoot on Sunday but work was cancelled due to inclement weather, hence, the late notice of the Monday road closures from the City of Dallas.  Click here for the notice.