Dallas County Sheriff

Kenneth Mitchum Gun Range

1512 E. Langdon Road, Dallas, TX 75241
Telephone (972) 225-4590

The Dallas County Sheriff’s Department Gun Range was originally located in Grand Prairie, Texas. The range was utilized by numerous area local, state and federal agencies. The range required continual maintenance, was potentially unsafe to the public and considering the size of the department, was inadequate to meet the needs of the sheriff’s department and Dallas County.

The new gun range consists of 19 acres of land in the southeast part of the county near Hutchins, Texas. The Kenneth J. “Mitch” Mitchum Firearms Training Center is dedicated to the memory of Sergeant Kenneth J. “Mitch” Mitchum. His knowledge of firearms, coupled with his many years of law enforcement experience and “hands on” style of training, made him a favorite of academy cadets and seasoned veterans alike.

The new gun range is composed of a pistol range, a rifle range, a live fire shoot house, a defensive tactics training building, a state of the art, computerized target system, a fortified bunker for storage, and many more attributes.

When constructing the gun range, many agencies were there, spending numerous hours working hard to complete the firearms training center. Just to name a few agencies, the FBI and the Texas Department of Criminal Justice dedicated long hours and hard work.

The center includes:

  • rangehouse with offices, classroom, and cleaning room
  • defensive tactics building
  • two-story, concrete building for practical exercises and training
  • live fire shoothouse
  • multi-station obstacle course
  • lighted, 20 station, 50 yard pistol range with turning targets
  • lighted, 5 station, 200 yard rifle range with turning targets
The Dallas Sheriff's Department shares the range with the FBI Dallas Field Office. In addition to the two primary users, officers from most North Texas law enforcement agencies have used our facilites over the past 15 years.

Any govermental agency is welcome to use our facilties on a space available basis. The range often books 8-10 months out, so advanced planning is necessary.

Fee Schedule
Classroom in conjunction with another facet No charge
Classroom $50 per hour
Pistol Range $100 per hour
Rifle Range $100 per hour
Live Fire Shoot House $100 per hour
Simmunitions Building $75 per hour
Defensive Tactics Building $50 per hour
Confidence Course $50 per hour
Targets $1.00 each

Dallas Sheriff’s Department Mitchum Firearms Training Center Rules and Regulations for Outside Agencies
  1. No outside agency (exclusive of the FBI) is permitted to use the Mitchum Facility unless the rangemaster or hisdesignee is available to answer questions, handle emergencies, and directly or indirectly supervise the activities on therange.
  2. Outside firearms instructors must provide a copy of their TCLEOSE or Federal Firearms Instructor Certificate to the rangemaster to keep on file. A firearms instructor must be present on the firing line at all times when in use.
  3. All outside agency personnel must sign a waiver of liability form before using the facility.
  4. Firearms instructors must provide a copy of their qualification course and / or lesson plans to the rangemaster to ensure that no safety rules are violated.
  5. No single-action, semi-automatic pistols are permitted on the range.
  6. All personnel using the pistol range must wear a serviceable holster to secure their weapon.
  7. Live fire exercises are permitted in designated areas only.
  8. Loading and unloading weapons in the parking lot or areas not designated for live fire is prohibited.
  9. Only firearms instructors are permitted to drive down to the range. All others must park in the designated parking lot.
  10. The cleaning room located on the south side of the range house is available to all personnel. Outside agencies must provide their own cleaning equipment.
  11. Agencies requesting the use of the live fire shoot house must have a certified firearms instructor who is familiarwith live fire shoot house procedures and who is approved by the rangemaster.
  12. Only lead-free frangible ammunition is permitted for use on metal targets.
  13. Only simmunition ammunition is permitted for use in the simmunitions building. Agencies requesting to use the simmunitions building must provide their own simmunition weapons, kits, safety equipment, and ammunition.
  14. The facility hours of operation are 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. The facility is closed on holidays. Scheduling should be done as far in advance as possible. The Dallas Sheriff’s Department and the FBI receive first priority.
  15. The rangemaster reserves the right to make schedule changes as needed. As much notice as possible will beprovided regarding these changes.
  16. Scheduling time may be done by phone or in person. Telephone 972-225-4590.
  17. Occasionally, the range may be scheduled outside of regular business hours if the rangemaster or his designee is available. This is the exception rather than the rule. If training is scheduled outside of regular hours, the agency will be billed an overtime rate to cover costs associated with the special use.


Q: Can I come out and practice at the range?
A: We welcome any deputy who wants to come out and develop his or her skills. Our SOP requires that a firearms instructor be present when anyone is firing on the line, so you need to call before you come out to make sure one is available to work with you.

Q: If I come out and practice, will the department provide the ammunition? A: That depends on our supply of ammunition, which varies throughout the year.

Q: Can I bring my wife/husband/etc. out to the range? A: If they are just coming to watch you shoot, then generally there is no problem. They will have to watch from our benches. Anything beyond that requires specific approval from the rangemaster, supervision as required by our SOP, and a signed release of liabliity.

Q: Can I bring a machine gun out to shoot?
A: If you lawfully own a Class III weapon, and will provide your own ammunition, then you may be able to bring it out IF the rangemaster approves it, inspects the weapon, and if the range is not otherwise in use. Generally this is a courtesy extended only to our deputies. Otherwise, there is at least one private shooting area that welcomes Class III weapons. Contact the rangemaster for details.

Q: How do I get a new weapon approved to carry on or off duty?
A: Contact the rangemaster and bring the weapon out to the range for inspection.

Q: Do I have to qualify with an off duty or backup gun?
A: No, qualifications are only required for primary weapons carried on duty.

Q: If I have different weapons I want to be able to carry on duty, to I have to qualify with all of them?
A: Yes, if they are going to be carried as a primary weapon.

Q: Does the range teach concealed hangun classes for employees?
A: Not at this time. Range staff can put you in touch with local CHL instructors.

Q: I want to put a new part on my weapon. Can someone there do it for me?
A: It depends on the make and model. Contact range staff for specifics.

Q: What are the range hours?
A: Generally, we are open 6:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. We may be open at other hours depending on what we have scheduled.

Q: I call out to the range but nobody answers. What's going on?
A: Most of every working day is spent outside of the office. Even when we aren't on the line, we have to maintain the grounds, meet with representatives of other departments, run errands downtown, supervise inmates, attend our own in-service classes, pick up deliveries, and dozens of other things that crop up on a daily basis. The best times to reach us by phone are before 7:30 a.m. and after 4:00 p.m.. Othewise, leave a message or email plehmann@dallascounty.org or nharley@dallascounty.org. We try to check emails and messages every morning and afternoon.