Dallas County Sheriff

Jail Facts

  • There were 86,776 inmates booked in 2012.

  • The average daily jail population is 6,500.

  • 7,100 is the maximum capacity of inmate housing.

  • Lew Sterrett Justice Center houses the 2nd largest mental health facility in Texas.

  • There are 22,000 meals prepared and served daily to inmates.

  • There are 1.7 million loads of laundry washed daily in the Dallas County jail.

  • The mail room processes 600,000 pieces of inmate mail yearly.

  • 1,000 volunteers assist with Inmate Programs per month.

  • The Dallas County Sheriff’s Department answers 250,000 public calls annually.

  • The Dallas County Sheriff’s Department cleared 4,757 accidents last year throughout Dallas County.

  • 55,538 traffic stops were conducted last year by sheriff’s deputies across Dallas County.

  • There were 8,688 prisoner transfers to Texas Department of Correction facilities in 2012.