Dallas County Sheriff

Legal Advisor

Elizabeth Lutton, the legal advisor, serves as the records custodian for the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department. If you would like to obtain Dallas County Sheriff’s Department records, you may contact her by submitting a Public Information Act request form to:

Phone Number: 214-653-3453
E-mail: SheriffOpenRecords@dallascounty.org
U.S. Mail: Elizabeth Lutton
Legal Advisor
Dallas Sheriff’s Department
133 N. Riverfront Blvd., LB-31
Dallas, TX 75207
Fax: Elizabeth Lutton, Legal Advisor:

It is your choice whether to submit a request by email, regular mail or fax.

Click here to download the Public Information Request Act form.

She also accepts subpoenas for the sheriff’s department records custodian at the Frank Crowley Courthouse, 1st Floor in the sheriff’s department.

She can also assist with locating sheriff’s deputies for service of subpoenas. The Dallas County Sheriff’s Department legal advisor provides legal services to executive staff and employees of the department with regards to official sheriff’s department business. Please note: The legal advisor does not provide advice on private legal matters such as wills, divorces, child custody or employment law. For a list of community resources regarding these matters, you may visit: www.dallasbar.org.