Dallas County Sheriff

Posse Unit

The Dallas County Sheriff’s Posse is a volunteer group of reserves, who are also horsemen.Their primary responsibility is enhancing the image of the department through community involvement. A posse by definition is a company or force, usually with legal authority; men under orders of the sheriff, maintaining law and order.

Members of the sheriff’s posse can be TCLEOSE certified reserve peace officers and non-certified civilians. A certified reserve peace officer may carry their weapon. A non-certified posse member who has successfully obtained a State of Texas Concealed Handgun License may carry a handgun when not conducting any type of sheriff’s posse or sheriff’s department business. The posse has been and still continues to be utilized in many different functions. The posse is called to duty when a child is reported as missing or an elderly person is reported as being lost. They form a search and rescue team that utilizes reserves on foot and reserves on horseback.

Also, the posse has been called to duty to provide an escort service for presidents. Former president Ronald Reagan has used the posse once and former president George Bush has called upon the posse to escort him twice. A land owner can call upon the posse to find uninvited guests on their property.They have also been called out when livestock trucks overturned and caused livestock is loose on the roads. The posse can also work parades, rodeos, security, special assignments, and public relations assignments at special events in or outside Dallas County, as directed by the sheriff.