Scofflaw FAQ's

Q:If someone else received a ticket on my vehicle, will I still be denied my registration?
A: If the vehicle is “Scofflawed” you will not be able to renew your registration until the matter is resolved with the Municipality or issuing Entity.

Q: Where do I pay an outstanding fine, ticket or warrant?
A: The local Municipality or Entity that issued the fine, ticket or warrant. Please visit: City Payment Maps or JP Office

Q: I paid my citation in full but the Tax Office denied my registration. What should I do?
A: Bring a copy of your paid receipt so that we can verify and renew your registration.

Q:After I’ve made my payment in full, how long does it take before the record is removed from the Dallas County Wanted website?
A: It takes at least 7 business days for the record to be removed from the website.

Q: What if I’ve made arrangements through the courts to make payments or to work community service?
A: Bring supporting documentation from the court showing that arrangements are in place or community service is being worked. Our office will review it.

Q: I purchased a vehicle and the current owner has outstanding fines, will I be denied the transfer?
A: No; the new owner is not penalized for outstanding fines from the previous owner.

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