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Health & Wellness - Overview

Health & Wellness Overview

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The PEBC Wellness Program began January 1, 2015 as a way to promote a culture of better health.  Here is a quick overview of the Program: 

  • Active employees enrolled in either the PEBC PPO Medical Plan or the PEBC HDP Medical Plan can earn a $300 reward by earning wellness points.  This is an annual reward, and an employee cannot receive more than one $300 reward per calendar year.
  • To earn a reward, employees must first register online at myuhc.com.
  • To earn the $300 reward, an employee must earn 300 points through the options described in this booklet.  Points are not prorated, and partial points do not count.  
  • Points must be earned during the reward earning period of January 1 through October 31 of any calendar year.
  • An online Health Assessment at myuhc.com must be completed each year before getting credit for additional wellness points earned.
  • Rewards are paid out three (3) times per year based on the earnings period in which the employee reaches the 300-point requirement.  You must be an active employee at the time of payout in order to receive a wellness reward.
  • The default payment method for the $300 reward is a cash payment included in a payroll check.  For PEBC County member groups only, employees may choose to have the reward deposited in a health care flexible spending account (FSA) or in a health savings account (HSA), subject to the rules and limits of the FSA or HSA. 
  • Employees who opt-out of PEBC medical plan coverage may access the wellness portal, take the health assessment and participate in activities, but are not eligible to earn points or dollar rewards.

Additional programs offered under the Health & Wellness umbrella, sponsored by our medical insurance provider - UnitedHealthcare: