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Step 16.
Train to Survive

Congratulations! You have achieved a state of readiness that will provide both physical and emotional comfort to your entire family. Now, you will want to make PREPAREDNESS an essential part of your life through training. Prepare a schedule of family conferences, household practice sessions, and emergency unannounced drills that will keep you alert and increase your chances of survival.

In planning these practice events, consider scenarios outside your home, in the classroom or at your office. Discuss how to increase your chances of surviving a plane crash, a theater fire, or an explosion at a sporting event or concert. Discuss the unexpected and search out those scenarios that are typically unanticipated.

Remember, don’t forget the brain. Keep it in survival mode wherever you are, day or night. And remember, these 16 steps toward preparedness are worth far more than a ton of cure!

Please e-mail Dallas County Medical Reserve Corps office upon completion of all 16 steps. And remember to monitor the MRC website for information on the next annual Fundamentals of Peparedness "Prepare Fair."

The information on this website is intended to provide one set of guidelines for individual emergency preparedness. It is not implied to be the only way for an individual or family to be adequately prepared for every emergency. Other resources can be accessed at the following websites:


Or e-mail us at mrc.mrc@dallascounty.org.