Improve Your Disaster Personality

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Step 3.
Improve Your "Disaster Personality"

It is important that you expect to survive. To do so you must anticipate the unexpected and prepare your mind and body.

  • Attitude – Believe that you can influence events and avoid the victimization trap.
  • Knowledge – Be correctly informed to sharpen your mind in the event of an emergency.
  • Anxiety control – Help your brain choose the right course of action by using coping devices, such as controlled rhythmic breathing.
  • Body weight – Take it seriously. When it’s time to move quickly, your chances for survival are improved.
  • Training – Train your brain and your muscles now and they will perform better under stress.

(Excerpted and edited from “How to Survive a Disaster” by Amanda Ripley, TIME Magazine, May 29, 2008)

Make these 5 survival tips part of your preparedness plan!

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