The Intelligence Section is responsible for conducting investigations relating to criminal activities of organized crime, public integrity investigations, threats against judges and public officials, terrorist groups, narcotics trafficking organizations and prison, jail, motorcycle, and juvenile gangs. Additionally, the Intelligence Section also serves as a liaison to other law enforcement agencies countywide, statewide, nationwide and internationally.

The Intelligence Section monitors the detention facilities by reviewing each incident report and conducting inmate interviews within the jail system to monitor for suspicious activity and gather intelligence information. The section reviews the intelligence information gathered and notifies the appropriate section for dissemination.

The Intelligence Section can be involved in the investigations of both state and federal cases while working with ICE, Homeland Security Investigations, Drug Enforcement Administration, Social Security Administration and the FBI. This cooperative effort is most advantageous to all agencies involved and allows the sheriff’s department to combine and share resources. The section is also assigned to narcotic related cases and investigates individuals involved in the use, possession, sale, manufacture, and transportation of controlled or illegal substances.

The responsibilities of this section may include the seizure and disposal of controlled substances, participation in narcotics “task forces”, assisting the highway interdiction and other departmental personnel. They also provide specialized training in various subjects for sheriff’s department employees and other law enforcement agencies.