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Official and Legal Notices

Official and Legal Notices

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Local Declaration of Disaster 2021 Snow and Ice Storm02/15/202102/152021
Dallas County Civil Service Microsoft Teams Meeting02/15/202102/19/2021
Dallas County Sheriff's Civil Service Meeting02/26/202103/18/2021
Dallas County Emergency Addendum for FEMA Application for Vaccine Distribution01/05/2021


Supplemental Order Of County Judge Clay Jenkins On Continuing Requirements After Expiration Of Stay Home, Stay Safe05/20/2020


Supplemental Order of County Judge Clay Jenkins on Requirements for Food Processing Plants After Expiration of Stay Home, Stay Safe05/20/202005/20/2020
Proposed Supplemental Order on Continuing Requirements06/19/202006/19/2020
02-15-2021 Executive Order of County Judge Clay Lewis Jenkins02/15/202102/15/2021
Local Declaration of Disaster 2021 Snow and Ice Storm02/15/202102/15/2021
Dallas County Executive Order of County Judge Clay Jenkins04/01/202004/01/2020
Order of County Judge Clay Jenkins Local Declaration of Disaster08/25/202008/25/2020
Dallas County IT Executive Governance Committee06/08/2017Second Tuesday of Each Month
Order of the Local Health Authority Closing Certain Businesses07/27/202007/24/2020
Order Rescinding the July 16, 2020, Order of the Local Health Authority for Public and Private Schools08/11/202008/11/2020
Notice of Intent to Enter Fields12/04/202001/01/2021
City of Irving Building and Standards Commission Case BSCP2010-0004 Order 1/26/20212/01/202103/26/2021
Dallas County Elections Ballot Board Meeting Schedule02/04/202102/27/2021
Motion to Seal Cause No. DC-20-10302 Plaintiffs, Asteri Info Syst. Inc and Rockwood Telecom, INC vs Defendants, 46 LABS LLC and Versatel, LLC02/19/202103/05/2021
TPS Board of Trustees Meeting02/22/20212/26/2021
DART- AdHoc President Executive Director Search Committee02/22/20212/26/2021
Dallas County 87th Legislative Briefing Meeting- Virtual Teams Meeting02/23/202102/26/2021
Ryan White Planning Council Executive Committee Meeting02/23/202103/03/2021
Metrocare Services Mental Health Advisory Committee Meeting02/26/202103/01/2021
Parkland - Board of Managers Agenda02/26/202103/03/2021
Dallas College and Richland Collegiate High School2/26/202103/02/2021
Workforce Solutions of Greater Dallas Board of Directors Meeting Public Hearing2/26/202103/09/202
Workforce Solutions of Greater Dallas Board Of Directors Meeting 2/26/202103/10/2021