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Official and Legal Notices

Official and Legal Notices

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Supplemental Order Of County Judge Clay Jenkins On Continuing Requirements After Expiration Of Stay Home, Stay Safe05/20/2020


Supplemental Order of County Judge Clay Jenkins on Requirements for Food Processing Plants After Expiration of Stay Home, Stay Safe05/20/202005/20/2020
Proposed Supplemental Order on Continuing Requirements06/19/202006/19/2020
Dallas County Executive Order of County Judge Clay Jenkins04/01/202004/01/2020
Dallas County Commissioners Court Meeting Agenda and Addendums 07/07/202007/10/2020
Parkland Budget Hearing Dallas County Commissioners Court Agenda07/07/202007/10/2020
Dallas County IT Executive Governance Committee06/08/2017Second Tuesday of Each Month
Amended Notice of Appointment and Meeting Schedule for the June 14 2020 Democratic Primary06/25/2020

06/22/2020 through 07/24/2020

Parkland- Board Quality of Care & Patient Safety Committee Meeting via Webx6/25/202007/01/2020
Public Hearing for Dallas County 2020 Community Development Block Grant & Home program at 9:30 am07/02/202007/07/2020
Ryan White Planning Council Executive Committee Meeting6/25/202007/01/2020
Notice of Appointment and Meeting Schedule for the July 14, 2020 Dallas County Democratic Primary Runoff Ballot Board06/25/202006/22/2020 through 07/24/2020
Notice of Delivery of Balloting Materials to the Signature Verification Committee 06/29/2020

7/2/2020 through 7/23/2020

Notice of Delivery of Early Voting Balloting Materials06/29/20207/10/2020 through 7/23/2020
Dallas County Elections Commission Meeting07/02/202007/02/2020
Amended Notice of Appointment and Meeting Schedule for the July 14th 2020 Dallas County Democratic Primary Runoff Ballot Board06/29/202006/30/2020 through 07/24/2020
07-14-20 Dallas County Community Development & HOME Program Notice of Public Meeting07/07/202007/14/2020
Dallas County YSAB Meeting agenda07/07/202007/13/2020
DHA Housing Solutions for North Texas Virtual Board of Directors Amended Meeting07/08/202007/13/2020
Metrocare Services Mental Health Advisory Committee (cancelled)07/13/202007/13/2020
Valwood Improvement Authority Board of Directors Meeting07/08/202007/17/2020
DALLAS COUNTY MINI CIVIL SERVICE (revised)07/10/202007/13/2020
Dallas County Utility and Reclamation District Notice of Meeting07/09/202007/15/2020
Irving Flood Control District Section III Notice of Meeting07/09/202007/13/2020
Grand Prairie Metropolitan Utility and Reclamation District Notice of Meeting07/10/202007/15/2020
Parkland Board Quality of Care & Patient Safety Committee Meeting07/10/202007/15/2020
Facilities Committee Meeting Agenda07/10/202007/15/2020
Dallas County Child Welfare Board of Directors Agenda07/10/202007/15/2020
Ryan White Planning Council Planning and Priorities Committee07/10/202007/22/2020
Ryan White Planning Council Planning and Priorities Committee07/10/202007/15/2020
Dallas County Elections Amended Notice of Appointment for Democratic Runoff07/13/202006/30/2020 through 07/24/2020
Public Meeting Notice of the Appraisal Review Board of Dallas County07/13/202007/20/2020
Lancaster Municipal Utility District 1 Meeting Agenda07/14/202007/20/2020
Needs Assessment Committee Ryan White Planning Council of the Dallas Area Public Notice of Meeting07/15/202007/21/2020