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Todd Allen

Dallas County
Dispute Resolution Center Advisory Board

Todd Allen mediates all types of civil litigation disputes, including mass tort and complex litigation. He has extensive experience in the mediation of sexual abuse claims as a litigation manager and is able to capitalize on that experience as a mediator of abuse cases and other complex litigation on a national level. Todd is available to mediate disputes locally in Dallas, Texas, and also statewide and nationwide.

Todd began his career as a civil defense litigator in Dallas, Texas, and later transitioned into in-house management of complex litigation in state and federal courts across the country. His extensive experience in utilizing the mediation process during his years as a litigation manager and associate general counsel for a major non-profit organization sparked his desire to enter the mediation field full time. Todd has been fortunate to observe and train with top national mediators who specialize in complex litigation mediation. As a mediator, Todd has a goal to help clients, their counsel, insurers, and others involved in the litigation process effectively resolve disputes to the satisfaction of all parties in the most efficient and comfortable way possible.

Currently, when Todd is not mediating, he is serving as a guardian ad litem for court appointments, doing a bit of litigation contract work with his former law partners, serving as the Dallas Bar Association ADR Section Chair, or volunteering as a Scout leader.