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A DA Driven Pre-Trial Diversion Program for Young Offenders

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The Dallas County District Attorney’s Office established the AIM Program in February of 2016 in an effort to reduce recidivism rates and thus the cost to Dallas County residents, by providing an alternative means of justice. Through a balanced curriculum of sanctions, incentives and rehabilitation, low level youthful offenders receive the tools and resources needed to ACHIEVE success and be given the opportunity to become productive and contributing members of society, rather than repeat offenders, making Dallas County a smarter, safer community.

AIM is a prosecutor-led, pre-diversion program for first time felony offenders aged 17-24. It is prosecutor funded and the Dallas District Attorney’s Office determines eligibility and approves potential participants. Once in the program, the AIM Court Team, presided by Judge Brandon Birmingham, monitors the participants’ progress and recommends referrals for services. The Judge, Assistant District Attorneys, Public Defenders, DA and PD investigators, Community Corrections Case Managers, an Integrated Psychotherapeutic Services (IPS) Treatment Counselor and an AIM Clinician sit on the court team and staff cases each week before court. AIM Court is held in the 292nd Judicial District Court at 3:00PM every Monday. The collaborative effort of the various agencies is the key to AIM’s success.

The AIM team established 5 Tenets for all AIM participants: Honesty, Good Faith Effort, Show Up, Be Sober in All Things, and Leadership. Using those tenets, the Courts’ programming includes; judicial intervention, CSCD supervision, rehabilitative services, individualized treatment plans, referral of housing, education, and employment resources, and additional therapeutic support for nine to eighteen months.

To qualify, a potential participant must meet the following criteria:

  • Have an un-adjudicated (pre-plea) non-violent felony charge
  • Be 17-24 years old
  • No prior felony convictions or probations (including deferred)
  • Want to make a change in their life

Disqualifying circumstances include, but are not limited to the following…

  • Aggravated felony charges pending or in criminal history - reviewed on case by case basis
  • Sex offender status
  • Family violence/child abuse charges pending or in criminal history
  • Pending unrelated felony
  • Currently on probation
  • Pending felony charge in another jurisdiction

Once admitted into the AIM Program, the participant will advance through three phases with duration of up to 18 months. However, a compliance track with duration of nine months is available after the first 30-45 days in the program for individuals demonstrating adherence to all program requirements. The amount of time you spend in each phase is determined by your individual progress.

After advancing through all three phases, the participant will graduate from the program and the case(s) will be dismissed and are eligible for immediate expungement.

If you think your client is a candidate for AIM Court, please fill out the below form and return to  Sylvia Araiza in Room A of Aux Court 7 on the 5th floor of the Frank Crowley Courts building.

AIM Court Referral Sheet



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